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Neil deGrasse Tyson’s STARTALK TV Show Premieres April 20

Need a little more science in your life? Neil deGrasse Tyson can help with that. His new late night talk show will premiere on April 20.

Tyson has become everyone’s favorite, and more importantly a very accessible, astrophysicist. Between his 1.2 million Twitter followers and numerous TV appearances, most notably as the host of the Emmy-nominated Cosmos TV series, he’s become a trusted authority on science. A lot of that is thanks to the success of his StarTalk podcast. The podcast is a science, comedy, and pop culture show that sees Tyson discussing all kinds of current topics in science, making even the biggest topics very human and relatable for a general science-curious audience. He also brings in guests, a roster weighted in favor of comedians and actors over scientists.

The TV show, also called StarTalk, is produced by National Geographic and will follow the same general structure of the podcast. Tyson will take the lead with a number of guests joining the show. And it promises to be a good lineup. Guests are set to include notable names like former US president Jimmy Carter, biologist Richard Dawkins, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, Norman Lear, Christopher Nolan, and Star Trek actor George Takei. And Bill Nye, everyone’s favorite Science Guy, might also be a feature on the show with a regular one minute segment.

The show will be taped at the American Museum of Natural History’s Hayden Planetarium in New York City in front of a live studio audience. And if that’s not enough science for you, the first show will be followed by the one-hour special “Hubble’s Cosmic Journey.”

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