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Neil deGrasse Tyson Tweets His Mind on INTERSTELLAR

Neil deGrasse Tyson is known as a science communicator, host of COSMOS, and an uber-pedant. He chastised Jon Stewart for having a globe that spun the wrong way at the opening of The Daily Show, and got a hold of James Cameron to tell him that Titanic‘s night sky didn’t have the right stars in it. This weekend, he took to Twitter to give his thoughts on Interstellar. Far from pedantry, the tweets were spoiler-free, mostly positive brain droppings.

Tyson made sure to note that as far as the theories go, Interstellar is unprecedented in its incorporation of science:


As for the visuals, black holes and wormholes have never been seen so clearly:


More so than Gravity, the astronauts moved around in space very accurately:


That floating, mirror-like orb you’ve seen in the trailers? That’s theoretically what a wormhole would actually look like:


Some scientists have recently disagreed about the specifics, but being so close to a black hole would create huge tides:


Tyson notes the similarities to past space epics:


It’s also worth mentioning that the portrayal of women in science was better than most movies:


But sometimes the tropes come through:


There are resources if you want to learn more (book link here):


Perhaps the scientific mind behind Interstellar‘s theories had a cameo, in his own way:


Without being too spoilery, some major aspects of the film do check out:


But maybe getting near a black hole is a bad idea in any universe:


He’s just sayin’.

Want more Interstellar science? Check out my latest video on how to turn wormholes into time machines!

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  1. fancycwabs says:

    I asked him on Twitter, and he didn’t answer, but maybe someone here can: Do ALL supermassive black holes lead to a secret five-dimensional room behind a child’s bookcase, or just SOME supermassive black holes?

  2. Josh Goldman says:

    Totally agree on the last bit about the planet by the black hole. That was a huge problem for me in the movie, it was a horrible choice and they should have known the problems they ran into would have been an issue.

  3. In #Inner Stella: They explore Stella’s sexuality near her Black Hole. Personally, I’d stay as far the hell away from BlackHoles as I can

                        — Neal deGrappe Tyrone (@noreally)

  4. Jake says:

    check out ” Top o Narae” or “Gunbuster,” as it’s called, in English. It’s an amazing 6 part anime from the 90s. I have never felt the heartache of faster than light travel more than this series. “Interstellar” is a far second.