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NECA Reveals Previously Secret ALIEN: COVENANT Action Figures (SPOILERS)

NECA Reveals Previously Secret ALIEN: COVENANT Action Figures (SPOILERS)

Warning: If you have not yet seen Alien: Covenant, be advised that there are spoilers in these toys!

Now that Alien: Covenant is out, licensees are finally spilling its secrets in merchandise form, although you won’t be getting any pesky humans from NECA–not yet, at least. On April 26th, we got a good look at the new and improved xenomorph action figure, but they’ve been keeping a lid on the other offerings that’ll be hitting stores soon, beyond the fact that one was a “New Creature” and the other a “Creature Accessory Pack.” Well, now that some have had the chance to see the new movie, we know what those must be.

First up, the Neomorph:


The mid-stage between Prometheus‘ end-credits “Deacon” and the more familiar xenomorph alien, the Neomorph is more humanoid and therefore in some ways creepier than the familiar acid-bleeding tube monster we’ve followed through the franchise. Like other Alien figures, it has over 30 points of articulation, an alternate head with closed mouth for attempts at bonding with deranged androids, and a posable, bloody body-burster, because Neomorphs don’t care how they exit the host.


We’ve seen the xenomorph before, but here’s a size comparison:


“But,” you might be asking if you’ve seen the movie, “That’s just the final Neomorph, and we don’t see it onscreen very much. What about the version we see more often?” That’s where the accessory pack comes in.


Two xenomorph eggs–one open, one closed–two facehuggers, one nu-chestburster (they have arms and legs now), and a posable “Toddler Neomorph” (i.e. the one we see the most in the movie) make up this pack, which should retail for the same price as the figures (around $22).

Unfortunately we have no Danny McBride figure as yet for them to attempt to snack on. But who knows? If the fan base makes him a cult hero, maybe he’ll come later. He needs his spacesuit, hat, and bottle of Jack Daniel’s for full authenticity.


Check out more images in our gallery below. Is your collection ready for a Neo-fight? Let us know in comments.

Images: NECA


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