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NECA Delivers the Largest DAREDEVIL Figure to Date (Toy Review)

The first question you may have when you see NECA‘s 18-inch Daredevil action figure is, “Why not the Netflix version?” But examining their previous Marvel comic-based figure may answer that. Yes, NECA more frequently makes figures based on the live-action Marvel characters, but their first comic-based one was Deadpool, and they’ve now done three variants, not counting the three-foot tall upscaled version. Comics Daredevil is versatile like that, too, and leaves room for alternate color schemes down the line. Plus no Charlie Cox likeness fee.

Hasbro, who make 12-inch Marvel figures, have seemingly noticed what NECA is doing and are playing to compete, releasing, for example, an oversized Hulk right after NECA did. NECA made Deadpool, so Hasbro did a Deadpool with extra comedic accessories, and now NECA’s putting out an “Ultimate” version with even wackier accessories, including a gruesome exposed brain that family friendly Hasbro can’t do. NECA announced Daredevil at Toy Fair last year; Hasbro rushed out their own to be ready first, at San Diego Comic-Con. Both have bonus unmasked heads and mask accessory to hold in-hand; Hasbro added bonus bloody taped fists.

NECA’s, however, is worth the wait. Like their Deadpool, it may be comic-based but it’s packed with realistic detail above and beyond any artwork on the page. Small silver rivets adorn the outfit, while the shinguards, gauntlets, knee pads and belt buckle have a metallic sheen. “Battle damage” scratches show the wear and tear of crime-fighting.

Articulation is pretty standard, with double-jointed elbows and knees, ab crunch, waist twist, and pretty much everything you can see. What’s new is that the ball-jointed wrists have a much greater range of motion than usual, which means swapping out his hands can be a challenge, as the peg may move to the side if you push the hand on it too quickly.

Daredevil has three sets of hands: fists, club holding, and a “talk to the hand” left hand with a “hold my mask loosely” right hand. The mask does not fit on the unmasked head; as with the Hasbro version, it’s a display accessory.

The open ear-holes do bring up an interesting point, though. Since his ears are red as Daredevil, Matt Murdock must be painting them, just as most movie Batmen paint black around their eyes and it is never acknowledged whatsoever in the story. (Face paint is really hard to get out of the ears, y’all.)

Daredevil’s two clubs fit nicely in his hip holster, and include multiple attachments that can be put between them, or just on one. There’s a long stick (it looks collapsible, but isn’t):

Two lengths of nun-chucks (short and long):

And a grappling hook that does not look like it will hold his weight (don’t try it; just use it for display).

While the lower right leg joint below the knee is a little loose on mine, the fact that it’s a ratcheting joint allows it to stay in place, which is the benefit of that kind of articulation to begin with. But even though you can pose the figure many ways, it looks really good in neutral-ish positions.

However, if you actually want him to, oh, I dunno, ride a unicorn…you can pose him that way.

Because Hasbro’s Daredevil was a Comic-Con exclusive (there may yet be a non-exclusive version, but they have not announced such), it’ll run you a good $80 or so on eBay. Like a movie theater concession stand employee, then, I’ll ask: would you like to upgrade to a large for just $30 more?

You could always get both, of course. But while Hasbro’s is a very cool figure, NECA’s is a work of art.

Which would you pick? Comment below, or talk toys with me on Twitter @LYTrules.

Images: Luke Y. Thompson

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