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Neato book stuff!

All right, so this isn’t the customary Friday book review BUT! It’s pretty great. These things were all brought to my attention by you awesome book nerds, so I’m sharing them here for everybody’s enjoyment. Yay sharing!

These bookends found by are freakin’ AMAZING, PEOPLE. Feel free to purchase or make any of these for me.  I won’t mind.

There’s an awesome website called Things in Books and it’s where people post pictures of the most interesting things they’ve found in books! There are some good’uns on  there too and some that aren’t exciting, but you’ll have that. I thought this find was particularly interesting, the binding of one book is falling away to reveal the print in another… how poetic?

This is via Incredible Things, a website that is INCREDIBLE anyway, but even more so with this compilation of the most incredibly awesome bookcases ever. There are a lot of DIY tips and instructions on there too for home projects. Like I said: feel free to make me awesome things like this upside-down book shelf. I won’t complain.


And last, but not least, here are 9 Cool Ways to Turn Old Musty Books into Something Cool! Via Written Word. This book bracelet was my favorite.

Enjoy! As usual, feel free to contact me by email or via the twitters! Happy reading book nerds (and happy bracelet making)!

Images: DesignMyWorld, Instructables

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  1. Christian D. says:

    Uhmm, nevermind, i watched the tutorial for how that was done. Carry on…

  2. Christian D. says:

    I’m suspicious of the “up-side down” book shelf, how do we know the picture isn’t up-side down?? Just a thought…

  3. Yes! The 20 incredible bookcases just made my night. My favorite is “the cave.”

  4. Jim P says:

    Whoa… I just followed the link
    from above, and I want every one of those bookcases!!!

    Pure awesomeness.

  5. Deltus says:

    The one where the books look like they’re falling on silhouette dude? That’s excellent.

  6. Ty Mondragon says:

    Found a cool jeweler who makes rings out of book pages, right up this alley. Check out
    Cool Stuff!!!!

  7. And here I was just thinking about how ugly and boring my bookshelf is. I sense a DIY project coming on! So much win going on here.