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My 5 Funniest People on Twitter

A couple of weeks ago, I posted My 5 Favorite Tumblr Blogs, so I thought it was only natural to list my Top 5 Twitter folks. Since I am known for being in the funny category, those are the people’s feeds I like to read. Don’t ask me who has the best tech or sports profiles, but I can certainly tell you who is the best when it comes to being funny. A few names you may know, but most you won’t. I keep it indie like that.

1. Damien Fahey

You might remember him from back in the day as the host of MTV’s Total Request Live. Who knew there was a comedic genius hiding underneath his gentle, post-adolescent charm? He also writes for Some eCards and his tweets are consistently funny.

2. Louis Peitzman

Louis is more up on pop culture than you will ever be. His tweets are either perfectly timed, or endearingly nebbish. I imagine his dream parents would be Andy Cohen and Rue McClanahan.

3. Caprice Crane

Caprice is one of the more well-known funny Twitter ladies, but to me she has the best female Twitter feed because she only uses her razor sharp wit; She never relies on cursing or blatant sexuality to get a laugh. Her brain wins over any kind of comedy crutch.

4. Rob Fee

Rob tweets what you didn’t know you were already thinking. He’s a stand up comic and new father who always has a fresh, if not ridiculous, perspective.

5. Braden Graeber

Braden is the mind behind the hilarious Hipster Mermaid meme. However, his comedic talents extend beyond ironic mermaids. Braden’s tweets are delightfully neurotic and he never seems to run out of great material.

If you aren’t following all of the above people, you should do so right now. And if that’s not enough new feeds, you can always follow me on Twitter too.

I’d also love to hear who your favorite funny people on Twitter are!





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  1. adrian says:

    Aftet double checking its actually @Nin0White everyone should follow he said “I’m gonna start an anti-facebook site might call it 2facedbook.”

  2. Adrian says:

    There’s this dude @Nin0aWhite that is hilarious too that people should definitely follow

  3. Lindsey says:

    I absolutely LOVE Braden Graeber (@hipstermermaid). I RT him at least once a week, if not more.

  4. Aticus says:


  5. Eli Yudin says:

    But f’real people who make me laugh errytime are @Hadzilla, @ecareyo, and @MeganNeuringer and another Eli, @EliTerry

  6. Ted says:

    There is a man named @robdelaney who has made me apologize numerous times to the immediate vicinity for sudden outbursts of laughter whilst reading tweets on my phone.

  7. Peeli Poodin says:

    Two really good ones to follow that are both still under the 25 mil mark are @KimKardashian and @JustinBieber

  8. NickadooLA says:

    Never heard of them.

  9. Ray Ingraham says:

    The funniest with less than 50,000 followers @karentozzi @EliBraden @dubouchet

    The funniest overall – @pattonoswalt @SethMacFarlane

  10. Rob says:

    Thanks for including me!

  11. Sagar says:

    Check out @sharuuup. Dude only has like 100-something followers, but he’s hilarious!

  12. Good list. In my opinion, any funniest twitter list should include @juliasegal.

  13. David says:

    In case you’re working on a list of memes that never took off:

  14. @JosephScrimshaw cracks me up every time.

  15. Aeshir says:


  16. I never said Caprice NEVER curses, she just doesn’t rely on naughty words to make a joke every time. 😉

  17. Joe Palen says:

    Thanks for the list. I’m following them all (now). Was already following you (in a non-stalker kinda way).

  18. OopsYouAreWrong says:

    Caprice Crane May 29 on Twitter: Nobody cares that you “checked into Pizza Hut”. Unless you’re checking into jail or rehab, keep that SHIT to yourself” (caps mine). I guess she does use a comedy cursing crutch after all, one made out of shitty shitting shit shit shit shit.