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Must Have: PIKACHU and HELLO KITTY Samurai Armor

Holy Poke-balls! Canadian artist Andy Smith is just a regular ol’ bloke with an exceptional talent of making samurai armor. This isn’t your regular run-of-the-mill Tom Cruise The Last Samurai armor, nope. It’s something far greater. Something that is the very best, like no one’s armor ever was! Smith fashioned a Pikachu and Hello Kitty samurai armor set that will send adorable chills down your spine.

Smith initially created the Hello Kitty samurai outfit a few years ago when his friend dared him to create the pink and white beauty, and took the same process in creating the Pikachu outfit. He built them using buckets that have been chopped into strips with a bunch of holes drilled in them. Then strung along ribbons to layer the plastic “plates” together to have that samurai armor effect.

The process was painstakingly detailed and redundant, but my word, the results are worth it. Check out the finished beauties below:

While the suits don’t exactly strike fear into the cold hearts of foes, they will melt the hearts of anyone. Heck, I’m more than willing to be a victim of that Hello Kitty sword. The details Smith incorporates into the armors are absolutely electrifying. Just look at the Pikachu armor’s tail and ears (which he actually got from a real Pikachu stuffed animal), and all the Hello Kitty ribbons! Want.

You can see more images from his creation process in his Deviant Art gallery.

Would you don a suit like these? Let us know in the comments below.

HT: Geekologie

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