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How Close Are We to Suiting Up with PACIFIC RIM Tech?

Since you probably don’t want super strength anymore, what’s the next best bet for fighting giant interdimensional monsters? A giant robot suit, duh. But how close are we to suiting up, handshaking someone else’s neurons, and rocket-punching kaiju in Pacific Rim-style armor? Closer than you think. (Except for the interdimensional monster part.)

On today’s special episode of Muskwatch, Dan and I are breaking down how close real world technology is coming to the universe of apocalypse-canceling robots. For starters, the closest thing we have to linking two Jaeger pilots in The Drift—brain-machine interfaces or BMIs—have been the stars of neuroscience research for both scientists and the military for decades. Direct brain-to-brain communication via BMI was even demonstrated in 2014. Did it give the study participants access to each other’s deepest darkest memories? No. But they did “communicate” from over 5,000 miles away with just the electrical activity measured at their scalp.

Also on the show this week, we’ve got the latest on disaster relief robots, big military robots with big ‘ol guns strapped to them, and Papa Elon’s plans for Mars.

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What do you think of this week’s top stories? What else would you like to see us discuss on Muskwatch? Let us know in the comments below!


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