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Music News Roundup: Video Music Awards, The Strokes, and New Flying Lotus

Ever feel lost in the deluge of awesomeness that is new music? Then we have we got great news for you: beginning today, the Nerdist is going to be gathering all the music news, from pop to metal to obscure indie, into one digestible daily dose of totally tubular news. Today’s edition includes a recap of the 2014 MTV VMA’s as well as some great new music from Ty Segall, Flying Lotus, and J Mascis. Enjoy the nuggets below, and see you tomorrow for another installment of Nerdist’s music news roundup!

VMAs Recap:

-The VMAs were meh, partly because Miley BANGERZ Cyrus reTWired from her role as queen of twerking.

-Lorde won for Best Rock Video, eliciting disdain from some rock fans. We are happy for her; forget the haters.

-Riff Raff and Katy Perry dressed in all-denim as an homage to Britney and JT, who made the same rad/awful decision first back in 2001. God save us.

-Miley won Video Of the Year, for which the Simpsons promptly and correctly took credit:

-In lieu of an outlandish acceptance speech, Miley let a young homeless man address the issue of youth homelessness, and it was touching.

-Beyonce performed for 16 minutes, because Beyonce.


In Other News:

Arcade Fire and David Byrne (dressed as a vampire?) covered Suicide’s “Dream Baby Dream”.

-Digital Music News made an amazing .gif of music consumption patterns from 1983 to 2013 and it is jarring.

-Oasis released an accoustic demo version of “She’s Electric”.

How To Dress Well released another b-side from his recent album, “What Is This Heart?”

-The Strokes played FYF Fest in Los Angeles last night. Check out their set list.

-Stream new albums by J Mascis, Ty Segall, Blonde Redhead, and Sinkane over at NPR First Listen.

-Check out our most recent installment of Car Tunes and Cartoons.

Flying Lotus premiered a new song on BBC Radio. Listen around the 1:11:14 mark.

Aphex Twin lent Pitchfork some insights about his new album SYRO.

-Henry Rollins criticized Robin Williams’ suicide in an LA Weekly column, and then quickly redacted his statements.

Rihanna is Tired of Fans Playing POKÉMON GO at Her Concerts

Rihanna is Tired of Fans Playing POKÉMON GO at Her Concerts



Judging HARRY POTTER Wands By How Aesthetically Pleasing They Are

Judging HARRY POTTER Wands By How Aesthetically Pleasing They Are



  1. Richard says:

    Really? This pop crap on Nerdist? I dont come here to see this junk, leave this crap on TMZ

  2. Eric Dillon says:

    Rap Game Justin Timberlake.

  3. viriato77 says:

    You know what wasn’t touching during that speech? the quick cuts to Miley out of her chair, leaning over the rail and emoting because she was so “moved”. 

  4. Allen says:

    The opening paragraph is satire, right?  Please?

  5. Dan Luedke says:

    WTF is Riff Raff?