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Years ago when i first moved to the LA area I lived, specifically, in the town of SAN PEDRO. Pedro (home of the minutemen), as it’s called (pronounced PEE-DRO), Is the harbor town of Los Angeles. While there all I really did was sit on a porch and hang out. I hung out with people that were part of a particular music scene. One that I had been obsessed with since i got into punk music. But I wasn’t the only one that gravitated towards this scene, another chap I had met while doing nothing with my life was Lee.
Lee, who played in THE NOISE (a band that had no songs, just literally made noise), was a gangly, tight-panted eye glass wearing bass player from Orange County…THAT I HATED! He was one of the most irritating idiots that I had ever met. I hated most every band he was in, and found his drunken “dancing” at shows to be a pathetic attempt in showcasing the need to be noticed.
Then I heard the latest offering from his new band THEE MAKE OUT PARTY.   Then i got angry. Very angry. Because of HOW MUCH I LIKED their song “CHANGE“. It’s sound reverberates the feeling I had when I first heard THE GAIN, yet not as abrasive. It is the perfect montage music. It’s the song that starts playing when you and your friends are having fun and don’t have a care in the world.
THEE MAKE OUT PARTY have been trudging around for years, mostly in OC, South Bay, and at venues like THE SMELL. They have a lifestyle fit for a much crazier sounding band. Yet, they start playing, I start smiling, because of a montage in head. And it’s of me bashing Lee in the face with a bottle of beer, he looks at me, I look at him…and we laugh….because his band rules….damn.

-Jonah Ray

Image: Thee Make Out Party


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  1. love says:

    totally agree with you on The Makeout Party, but it’s hard for me to trust the opinion of anyone who hates Lee.

  2. dano says:

    Thanks Jonah!!

    Dan an Thee