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MUSIC NERDIST: Hockey Night & Troubled Hubble

Now, I know the headline of this post sounds like I’m desperately trying to be abstract and weird. But no. Those are the names of two bands that put out very good, yet VERY overlooked records in 2005.

Now the first band, HOCKEY NIGHT. They had just about the LAST release (GET REAL) from seminal bay area pop punk label LOOKOUT! RECORDS.
And I will explain Hockey Nights sound like this:

“Hey dude, ya know how you LOVE Pavement?”
“And how you wish that Stephen Malkmus solo records weren’t so hit or miss?”
“Well, then stop living in the 90’s and check out HOCKEY NIGHT! you waste of space!”
-alright….but you didn’t have to call me a waste of space, I’m trying my best to get a job.
“That’s a surprise. Most people ACCIDENTALLY get jobs faster than you can find one.”
-I’ve had enough of your lip, I’m gonna go smoke a bowl and listen to some pavement.
“ah ah ah! what did we JUST talk about!”

The second band, TROUBLED HUBBLE. I’m gonna be honest. I only heard them yesterday while listening to an APPLES IN STEREO pandora radio station. I felt like an idiot for having not heard them before. The vocals cut through in a familiar tone. As it should too, seeing as how its the singer for DISMEMBERMENT PLAN. But this stuff is a lot more poppy, catchy and fun than their former band could ever hope to be.

Now, I could have a similar conversation with a fake person like I did before, but I can’t. As it turns out TROUBLED HUBBLE broke up after the release of its album MAKING BEDS IN A BURNING HOUSE in 2005.

I’ll leave with a video from each band. first, HOCKEY NIGHT with GREET THE DAWN:

And second, a song that made me think of the leader of this nerdy rag tag, a song entitled EAR, NOSE, THROAT:

Image: Jonah Ray


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  2. I think both bands have talent, but I feel you hyped them up a bit much.

    The videos are more interesting than their music imo.

    all the best to their music & lives otherwise.

  3. jeff says:

    hey there; the dudes in Troubled Hubble are in Heligoats, Picture Books and Kid You’ll Move Mountains now, if you want to check them out. All are good in their own ways.

  4. Jonah Ray says:

    Hey, clinton.
    Way to out nerd me on my own review. HA!
    thanks for the correction of who the singer really is.
    “my bad” as they say.
    Thats what i get for writing a review in the midst of worrying about if my ear is sore or infected. TO THE DOCTOR I SAY!

  5. Eric says:

    I became a big fan of Troubled Hubble in 2005, found their website, and saw they had broke up. I’m sure they would’ve been great live.

  6. elbeam says:

    here’s a real link to an actual band video for troubled hubble. that video you listed is not band produced. enjoy!

  7. Clinton Trucks says:

    Hey Jonah,

    Both of these bands are hell-a sweet but I think that a correction is in order. Travis Morrison, former singer of the mighty Dismemberment Plan, is not the singer in Troubled Hubble. His name is Chris Otepka and he is admittedly doing a spot-on Travis Morrison impression.

    Love this feature and I hope to hear more of your recommendations.