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Music Geek Track Of The Week – “Bug Hunt (Wreck-it Ralph) (Noisia Remix)”

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This track was sent to me early this morning by someone I can only assume was high on nitrous while playing Super Mario. Though after listening to it, I admit I was feeling equally terrified and amazed.

I saw Wreck It Ralph over the weekend and was blown away. I didn’t realize Skrillex was the genius behind “Bug Hunt” until today, though it makes since (he had a cameo as the DJ at Fix-It Felix’s 30’s anniversary party). This track is actually a remix of the original (which has yet to be released) by the artist, Noisia. It’s incredible. It weaves between funky and etherial, to heavy dubstep that could potentially make your eyes bleed. I’m a fan, to say the least.

Also, if you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing the film yet — It’s quite possibly my favorite of the year, so I urge you to do so, instead of seeing that god-awful Twilight.

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  1. Drakeo says:

    I absolutely loved Wreck-It Ralph,very well done,it was funny with the various refrences and also was even more hillarious watching people that have never played a video game in their lives scratching their heads going “Why are they laughing about Going Turbo,I don’t get it!”

    The Soundtrack was also something that made the film too and as much as I’m not a big fan of Skrillex or his music I enjoyed the song because it really sounded like a song you find on today’s games.

    Great Job on the article,Becca 🙂