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Music Geek Track Of The Day: ‘Game Of Thrones, 80’s Version’ by Steve Duzz

(Artwork by Mike Wrobel)

Do you look up at the sky and hope to see dragons? SPOILER (but at this point you kind of deserve it, just like [spoiler] deserved it) Do you make your friends test your wine for poison before you drink it? When someone mentions the color red, do you immediately burst into tears or start to plan the floral arrangement of your wedding/demise? If you answered “yes” to any or all of these questions you may be experiencing what we like to call, Severe Game Of Thrones Withdrawal, or “SGOTW.”

Today, Nerdist Music and some awesome dude named Steve are here to help ease your addiction with this awesome 80’s post-disco version of the Game Of Thrones theme song. It’s got the panache of a classic new wave track, which invariably makes me want to challenge my coworkers to a dance-off, though I can’t confidently say that we are even remotely coordinated enough for that, except for maybe Dan “Footloose” Casey.

Succumb to your GoT addiction with this epic arrangement brought to you by Steve Duzz.

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  1. C Stuph says:

    Does anyone know who did the Art work cuzz it seems like they didn’t credit art just the music

  2. Also: the picture definitely needs some credits (and perhaps a better quality source).

  3. kookiez r yum says:

    reminds me of FFIV epicness!

  4. DN says:

    Hey, Nerdist. Don’t steal.

  5. Miriam says:

    Reminds me of Neverending Story music –

  6. Felicia says:

    This makes me want to play old school video games

  7. cp says:

    Who did the awesome 80s artwork!?

  8. Tracy says:

    This sounds like old video game music! 

  9. memcgee says:

    Song is definitely 80s, but whever created the image under the article title doesn’t know their 80’s from their 90’s 🙂

  10. This has been my ringtone for awhile now.