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Music Geek Track Of The Day: Capital Punishment’s ‘Roadkill’ Feat. Ben Stiller

Do you like your music unlistenable? Then you’ll love this recently uncovered gem by New York City punkers Capital Punishment. The tunes are from the band’s 1982 album, Roadkill, which was the only LP the group ever released.

So why should anyone care about Capital Punishment? Because it happens to feature a then-unknown drummer named Ben Stiller.

That’s why.

Captured Tracks, a Brooklyn-based indie label, is reissuing an expanded version the band’s debut after 30 years of relative obscurity. Stiller even talked about the whole thing while sitting down with Howard Stern on Thursday.


In addition to Stiller, the band included singer Kriss Roebling and bassist Peter Swann, who now happens to be a Arizona appellate judge.

According to Swann, who was 16 when the songs were first recorded, 500 copies of Roadkill were initially pressed but none of them sold. Not sure if that’s self-deprecating fact or fiction but, either way, it makes for a pretty amazing comeback tale.

Roebling also made a statement about the band’s newfound attention, saying: “I’m utterly stoked and baffled by the fact that Roadkill is now being shared 33 years on with a larger audience, and I advise those of you who enjoy it to seek professional help FAST.”

During Thursday’s interview, Stiller was asked if he could get the band to reunite in Stern’s studio and the actor/producer answered with a resounding, “Yes.”

For more information on when you can pick up your copy the Roadkill reissue, follow Captured Tracks on Twitter at @capturedtracks.

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