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Music Geek Track Of The Day: ‘Biker Gone’ By Kim Deal

For the past year, famed Pixies bassist Kim Deal has been releasing a series of solo 7-inches. The most recent one came out November 18 and features “Biker Gone” along with the B-side, “Beautiful Moon.” To celebrate the release, Deal put out a video for the A-side and it’s an absolute delight—especially if you’re into biker funerals.

Directed by Lance Bangs (who’s one of our favorite lensmen and is also responsible for Chelsea Peretti‘s new Netflix special, One Of The Greats), the video was shot in Deal’s hometown of Dayton, Ohio, and features sister Kelley and Breeders drummer, Britt Walford.

How do we know? We’re that into music trivia—and it says so on their name tags.

The clip seems to take place at some kind of biker funeral, which totally goes with the vibe of the song, both literally and figuratively. “Biker Gone” is hypnotic with its dissonant guitars and stop-and-start drum beats. In other words, it’s the kind of soundtrack we’d expect to be playing for a fallen member of the Circle City Riders.

Again, how do we know such information? We’re magic—and its says so on the bikers’ vests.

After performing in what looks like a hotel party room, Deal & Co. then follow the gang on a ride through the streets of D-Town before ending up at a bitchin’ house party where everyone’s hair glows in the dark and people can’t stop line dancing.

Sign the guestbook and watch the video for Kim Deal’s “Biker Gone.”

For more information on Kim Deal and her series of 7-inches, check out her web site.

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