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MTV’s SCREAM Will Reenact Famous Opening Scene

Since its announcement, there’s been a lot of talk regarding all the ways MTV’s adaptation of Wes Craven’s Scream would work to bring the modern horror classic to the small screen. In addition to rumors of a supernatural element, the show’s suffered blowback at the hands of controversy surrounding the lack of a featured Ghostface mask. Luckily, at least one of the things that made the original film fantastic will, reportedly, be included: the opening sequence that spawned 1,000 imitators and parodies.

According to actress Bella Thorne, she’s been cast in the new series as Casey Becker (there’s no guarantee the name hasn’t changed). Becker, for the unfamiliar, is the character played by Drew Barrymore in the opening of the original film, a scene that saw a girl tormented by a mysterious phone caller and contained the all-too-famous line, “What’s your favorite scary movie?”

Back when it first premiered, the twist in the opening was a massive deal. Drew Barrymore was a name actress by 1996 and her face was all over the original marketing. When her death came in the first few minutes of the film (spoilers), it sent a very strong message to viewers that no one was safe, not even the big time stars. However, it’s hard to imagine the TV series being able to pull off the same level of excitement given:

1) Thorne isn’t at the name recognition level of Barrymore back in the 90s.
2) We already know what happens to Casey Becker.

Re-creating the scene will probably be a nice nod to fans of the film, but it won’t be much more than that.

Scream premieres in the fall of 2015 on MTV.

What do you think so far about MTV’s Scream? Let us know in the comments below.

[HT The Wrap]

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  1. gdkool says:

    Eh! No, its a classic which there just going to spoil (most likely still watch opening episodes). I didn’t like Dusk till Dawn and Fargo on the small screen but this could be because I was comparing them to the originals, same with most remakes.