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Movie Morsels: Will the Falcon Soar in AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON? Plus, HOT TUB TIME MACHINE 2’s Red-Band Trailer!

If you love the Falcon as much as I love the Falcon, you’ll be happy to hear some news today on where Anthony Mackie’s high-flying Captain America: The Winter Soldier hero may next soar. Plus, we’ve got X-Men: Apocalypse‘s surprising new cast lineup, a red-band trailer for Hot Tub Time Machine 2, two Fifty Shades of Grey music videos, and oh so much more in today’s Movie Morsels!

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Anthony Mackie

As the Falcon, Anthony Mackie was the happiest surprise in Captain America: The Winter Soldier (pictured above). So fans are anxiously awaiting his return in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War. But could we see Sam Wilson again sooner than that? Might the Falcon yet fly, if only in a cameo, in this summer’s Avengers: Age of Ultron? In an exclusive video interview, Mackie tells I Am Rogue that he still has his fingers crossed for just such an appearance, and that it’s possible he could even show up in Ant-Man. Here’s what Mackie had to say regarding the Avengers sequel and other Marvel movie opportunities…

“I hope. At this point, I have not [heard]. I hope, I hope, I hope, I hope. They’re doing reshoots and that’s why I’m letting them know I’m available. So whatever weekend they want me there, I’ll fly myself out and shoot whatever scene they want me in. Even if it’s like, “Oh man, it’s Iron Man and Hulk.” But I heard today in one of the interviews that someone thought I was in Ant-Man. I hope so! I hope I’m in Ant-Man. I hope I’m in Hulk 3, I hope I’m in Thor 3, and Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Me and Groot can boogie!”

And here’s the complete video interview with Mackie, in which he also discusses Civil War, his ideas for improving the Falcon’s next costume, the casting of Black Panther, and more…


X-Men: Apocalypse

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have our X-Men! Director Bryan Singer has announced via Twitter that Alexandra Shipp, Sophie Turner, and Tye Sheridan will star as Storm, Jean Grey, and Cyclops in next year’s X-Men: Apocalypse, joining the returning Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, and Jennifer Lawrence as Magneto, Professor X, and Mystique; along with newcomer Oscar Isaac as the film’s titular malevolent mutant. X-Men: Apocalypse arrives on May 27, 2016.


Hot Tub Time Machine 2

To hell with the TARDIS, down with Doc Brown’s DeLorean: the coolest chrononauts travel in a whirlpool of warm water, as we learned in 2010’s surprise hit Hot Tub Time Machine. The sequel — again directed by Steve Pink and starring Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson, and Clark Duke (sans John Cusack, but joined this time by Adam Scott) — arrives to heat up our winter on February 20th. But you can watch Hot Tub Time Machine 2‘s raunchy red-band trailer right now, compadre!


The Blob

The Blob

As famous as the original 1958 version of The Blob — pictured above — might be (and let’s face it, its fame is largely due to it featuring Steve McQueen’s first starring film role), I much prefer the underrated Frank Darabont-scripted remake, a near-perfect 1980s monster movie. All of which is to say that Simon West has his work cut out for him, since the Con Air helmer has just been announced as the director of a third take on this tale of an amorphous eating machine set loose on a small town. The Korean company Taewon Entertainment and A-List Corporation will produce the film, their first English-language movie.


Fifty Shades of Grey

Uh oh. We’ve only got a few weeks left before Fifty Shades of Grey turns us all into sadomasochistic sex-crazed maniacs. Fortunately we’ve got two music videos to help us prepare for our new lifestyles. The first is Weekend’s “Earned It”, featuring the film’s star Dakota Johnson (who apparently cannot get enough of being tied up) bound and suspended in mid-air. Needless to say, it’s not safe for work

The second is Ellie Goulding’s considerably safer “Love Me Like You Do”…

Director Sam Taylor-Johnson’s adaptation of E.L. James’ Twilight fan fiction — starring Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson, and lots and lots of sexy sex — debuts on February 13th.

[Coming Soon]


Martin Scorsese

Still wondering what Martin Scorsese’s follow-up to The Wolf of Wall Street might be? We finally have an answer to that question. The director has secured financing through Fábrica de Cine and SharpSword Films for his long-held passion project Silence, based on Shusaku Endo’s novel of the same name. The film will star Liam Neeson, Andrew Garfield, Adam Driver and Tadanobu Asano in the story of seventeenth century Portuguese Jesuit priests who attempt to teach their religion in Japan. Production begins January 30th in Taiwan.


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  1. Taylor Anne says:

    Anthony Mackie should just get his own movie now! (Along with Black Widow and Hawkeye but we all know those aren’t happening any time soon.)