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Movie Morsels: TOP GUN 2 Gets a Writer, DC Eyeing LEGION OF SUPERHEROES, CAPTAIN AMERICA 3 Details, and More

Lana. Lana! LANA! LANAAAAAAAAAA! That’s right, dear readers, today’s Movie Morsels is heading to the Danger Zone with some sizzling new Top Gun 2 news, updates on whether Captain America will hang up the shield in Captain America 3, the skinny on a Dredd sequel, and much, much more. So, snort a line of coffee grounds because you’re going to want to be awake for this.

Top Gun 2

Don’t take the offramp on the highway to the Danger Zone just yet because Top Gun 2 is still happening. After the passing of Tony Scott, the production came to a halt, but now it seems it’s getting ready to take flight once more. Writer Justin Marks has been tapped to pen the screenplay, presumably based off of producer Jerry Bruckheimer’s plot which revolves around drones. Previously, Marks had been working on Jon Favreau’s Jungle Book adaptation, but the real question on everyone’s mind is will there be another volleyball scene? [JoBlo]

Legion of Superheroes


Well, it makes sense given Guardians of the Galaxy‘s incredible box office draw, but rumor has it that Warner Bros. is looking to adapt DC Comics’ Legion of Superheroes for the big screen. That’s right — we could finally see Matter-Eater Lad in a major motion picture. Hopefully not before Wonder Woman gets her own solo film, but get into it, you guys. DC’s Legion of Superheroes has been around since 1958 and the intergalactic crimefighting crew is known to pal around with Superboy, teaming up to beat back the likes of Darkseid. It could be a smart move to reclaim the cosmic space on DC’s part, but in the meantime, I’m going to keep laughing about the idea of seeing Chlorophyll Kid and Infectious Lass on IMAX.[Latino Review]

Captain America 3


Recently I spoke with the Russo Brothers and they told me that though we wouldn’t be seeing M.O.D.O.K. in Captain America 3, they’d love to do something with Capwolf at some point. While that seems like a Phase IX plot line, we did get an inkling as to whether or not Cap would be handing over the shield to Bucky or the Falcon at the end of Captain America 3. In an interview with MTV, Chris Evans was very vocal about his job security:

“Who’s handing off the shield? Don’t take my job from me prematurely dude. I’m sure it’ll happen at some point, all good things have to come to an end. But I’m really happy playing the character.” [MTV]



Surely we’re not alone in desperately wanting a sequel to the bonecrunching action-packed awesomeness that was 2012’s Dredd, right? Star Karl Urban evidently shares our excitement and shared some juicy tidbits as to what a Dredd sequel might look like. In an interview with Shallow Graves, Urban said, “Why yes, there is a definite possibility. But, it is more likely that we will do the origins story with Dredd trekking through the cursed earth to find the first Chief Judge Fargo.” Now tell me you wouldn’t want to see that.

Read the full story here.

Big Hero 6

After reading all about Rachel Heine’s epic day spent behind the scenes of Big Hero 6, I am more jazzed than ever to see Disney’s animated superhero adventure. This newest TV spot takes the spotlight off of just Hiro and Baymax, and shines it on Honey Lemon (Genesis Rodriguez), GoGo Tamago (Jamie Chung), Wasabi (Damon Wayans Jr.), and Fred (T.J. Miller) as well as they get ready for some football. [Collider]


Brad Pitt’s badass World War II tank movie is looking better and better with each passing trailer, and this new international trailer is no exception. The trailer hones in on Logan Lerman’s character, a novice gunner who joins the tank crew after his predecessor perishes. Fury opens on October 17. [Sony UK]

The Boy Next Door

Hot for teacher or not for teacher? Probably the latter as Jennifer Lopez learns in the trailer for the new Blumhouse thriller The Boy Next Door. Lopez plays a divorced teacher who, in a moment of weakness, develops a relationship with a young neighbor (Ryan Guzman) that becomes obsessed with her and yields terrifying results. [ComingSoon]


Kevin Smith’s Human Walrus-pede, er I mean Tusk, has some brand new footage and it’s delightfully NSFW. The deeply unsettling horror film finds Justin Long playing the part of a podcaster who travels all over searching for odd, untold tales and gets more than he bargained for when he runs into a mysterious mariner (Michael Parks). Be warned: salty language awaits. [CinemaBlend]

And in the true spirit of many Kevin Smith movies, Tusk is looking like it’s the first to have it’s own tie-in marijuana strain. A24 Films announced in a press release that two new strains, “Mr. Tusk” and “White Walrus”, were grown specifically in honor of the movie and will now be available at LA’s Buds & Roses dispensary. Because sure, why not?


“Partnering with A24 Films, The World’s Best Ever is celebrating the release of Kevin Smith’s new film TUSK in a multitude of ways. Keying in on the director’s admission that the film “was born in a blaze” the TWBE Ideas division has created packaging inspired by the film for two strains of medicinal marijuana. Named ‘Mr. Tusk’ and ‘White Walrus’, these brands of pot have been grown by Kushman Veganics for Buds & Roses, one of Los Angeles’s oldest and most respected medical-marijuana dispensaries. Accompanying this in-store promotion, limited edition herb grinders bearing the Tusk logo will be given away to patients of the dispensary and fans of the film, so that they have a daily reminder of the soul crushing spirit of the film’s main antagonist, Howard Howe. And what would all of this be without a user-generated contest? Until the release of the Tusk on September 19th, we’ll be asking fans to submit to instagram their best pictures of #WalrusBreath, optimally described as “the act of creating tusks by blowing smoke or vapor out of one’s nostrils.” [Slashfilm]

Space Battleship Yamato


Because Mission: Impossible 5 and Edge of Tomorrow weren’t enough action for Christopher McQuarrie, the celebrated director is evidently still moving forward with his live-action adaptation of Space Battleship Yamato for Skydance. According to the production company, though, you shouldn’t expect to see anything until 2017 or 2018 at the earliest. [Anime News Network]

What do you think of today’s top stories? Let us know in the comments below or drop me a line on Twitter (@osteoferocious).

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  1. Andy Daniel says:

    You guys, I’d kill to see a Legion movie, but only if they include the Subs at some point. That’d be great! Oh, and they’d have to include the xenophobia/immigrant themes. That’s always been my favorite part of Legion stories.