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Movie Morsels: STAR TREK 3 Updates, DOCTOR STRANGE Release Date, Matt Smith Joins PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES, and Much More

Watch out below! We’ve got a veritable avalanche of movie news coming your way in today’s Movie Morsels. Marvel is gearing up for Doctor Strange, more Batmobile pics from the set of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the Doctor will court Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and much more in today’s cavalcade of cinematic news.

Star Trek 3

Set your phasers to f–k yeah, Star Trek fans, because the third film in the rebooted trilogy is coming sooner than you might have anticipated. Zachary Quinto, who you know better as Spock, revealed on the Today Show that the film is going to start awfully soon:

“I think it’s on the horizon…things are rumbling, so I have a feeling that we will be in production sometime in the next six months.”

As you may know, J.J. Abrams won’t be back in the director’s chair for this installment; rather, it’ll be occupied by series write Roberto Orci, who co-wrote the first two films with Alex Kurtzman and this third film with Patrick McKay and J.D. Payne. The screenplay has been finished since mid-August and, according to Orci, will feature characters “closer…to the original [television] series characters than you have ever seen” now that the Enterprise is in its first five-year mission to boldly go where no man has gone before. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Doctor Strange

The Sorcerer Supreme may not officially have a star attached to it (c’mon, Joaquin Phoenix, what’s the hold up?), but it’s looking like we have a release date: July 8, 2016. The Scott Derrickson-directed Marvel movie is likely to film in England as sources report they’re already in “advanced negotiations” with the Pinewood-Shepperton Studios to shoot in late 2014/early 2015. Until then, back to the rumor mill! [Collider]

Batman v Superman 


Ever since Zack Snyder gave us our first official taste of what the Batmobile looks like, we’ve been….well, we’ve been craving more because we are weak and we need this, damn it. Well, today you can scratch that itch because new pictures and video of Batman’s sweet whip have emerged from the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice set. [JoBlo]

The Martian


Ridley Scott’s highly anticipated Matt Damon-starring sci-fi film The Martian may have a female lead on its hands. The Simon Kinberg-produced film has evidently offered a role to Kate Mara (House of Cards), which runs contrary to earlier reports that Jessica Chastain and Kristen Wiig were circling the film’s female leads. In any event, the film, which follows a botanist marooned on Mars while NASA scrambles to put together a rescue mission, is already among my most anticipated films of 2015.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies


The long-simmering adaptation of Seth Grahame-Smith’s Jane Austen horror-comedy book Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is getting just what the doctor ordered. Well, the Doctor, actually. Matt Smith has joined the project as Mr. Collins, one of Elizabeth Bennet’s suitors. Thank goodness for that — I don’t know what the Internet would do if Smith strayed from genre fare for too long. [io9]

Dead Rising

Speaking of zombies, the Dead Rising movie is gearing up for production with Legendary Digital, Crackle, and Lorenzo di BOnaventura, and they’ve added veteran actor Dennis Haysbert (24, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For) as one of the film’s leads. The digital release will be directed by Leprechaun: Origins director Zach Lipovsky and takes place during a zombie outbreak that a “mandatory government-mandated vaccine failed to stop.”

In other Dennis Haysbert news, the in-demand actor has joined Seth MacFarlane’s Ted 2 in a cameo role. So, there’s that too. [TheWrap]

Magic Mike XXL


Well, all right, all right, all — wait a minute, stop. Guys, we can’t go on like this. Magic Mike XXL will not feature any Matthew McConaughey. That is a 100% reduction in the levels of McConaughey from the first film, I know. Director Greg Jacobs revealed that not only will McConaughey not reprise his role as Dallas, but the film will be “very different”, nothing that it’s “a road trip movie”. Okay, so strippers travel the country? Who knows? Chances are, audiences will flock to go see it anyway come July 1, 2015. [The Playlist]

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1


In case you missed it yesterday, there’s a whole mess of brand new pictures of Katniss and the gang from the upcoming The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1. [Nerdist]

Men, Women & Children

Can’t get enough Ansel Elgort in your life? No, not the IKEA bookcase — the teen heartthrob from The Fault in Our Stars, Divergent, and now Jason Reitman’s Men, Women & Children. He’s front and center in the latest trailer for Reitman’s rumination on how the Internet has affected our lives.

Paranormal Activity 5


So, you know how you woke up this morning thinking Paranormal Activity 5 was called Paranormal Activity 5 and coming out on October 25, 2015? Well, prepare to have your mind blown. Unseen forces from beyond the pale at Paramount have moved the film to March 13, 2015 and given it the new title of Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension. Hold on, I’ll wait while you clean up the coffee you just spewed all over your keyboard. It’s called the motherf–king The Ghost Dimension. I don’t know about you, but that’s so preposterous, it just might work. [ScreenCrush]

Top Cat


Yeah, you’re goddamn right we’re going to talk about Top Cat. Mexican animation house Anima Estudios is bringing Top Cat back to the big screen with Top Cat Begins. Back in 2011, the Mexican studio produced Top Cat: The Movie, which was the highest grossing Mexican film that year. The new film is “not a sequel, but rather a companion piece to the first Top Cat,” says studio chairman Fernando De Fuentes. No word yet on whether it’ll see a US release, but the film will hit Mexican theaters on August 7, 2015. [Variety]

What do you think of today’s top stories? Let us know in the comments below or tell me on Twitter (@osteoferocious).

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  1. They have already made it pretty clear that  Joaquin Phoenix is not going to be Dr. Strange so I am not sure why people keep acting like he is. He doesn’t want to be tied down to such a long contract. 

  2. OK so Roberto Orci is directing now, and Orci is similar to Orca, and Orca is a whale, and Trek 4 was about alien whales . . . .  OH GOD NO!!!!

  3. Eric says:

    Oh good the hipster douchebag is too busy destroying Star Wars to do anymore damage to Star Trek. I’m hoping that they actually adapt one of the original episodes into a full feature, like Doomsdaty Machine or the Balance of Terror.

  4. quinn says:

    Star Trek 3 for the 50th anniversary, written and directed by that no-talent hack Roberto Orci?! Clearly, we’re living in the evil parallel universe

  5. They’re actually making Pride and Prejudice and Zombies?!  I. Can’t. Breathe!

  6. Joe J. says:

    I wouldn’t say Star Trek 3 ramping up production is a surprise to anyone.  I thought it was fairly well known for a while that the plan was to have it out in 2016, in time for Trek’s 50th anniversary.  This just seems to confirm that timeline.