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Movie Morsels: SPECTRE Gets A New Bond Girl, Johnny Depp Injured on PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 5, SHARKNADO 3 Hassles the Hoff

Daniel Craig’s next outing as 007 is getting bigger every day, and now we’ve got word of the first Mexican Bond Girl to pair with the secret agent in today’s Movie Morsels, as well as an update from Australia on Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Plus, Insurgent gets a very cool new poster, the Fantastic Four cast announce their next projects, and David Hasselhoff signs on for Sharknado 3!



After casting French actress Lea Seydoux and Italian star Monica Bellucci (at fifty, the oldest actress to play a romantic interest of James Bond), the folks behind the next Bond thriller Spectre have what they’re touting as the their first Mexican Bond Girl in twenty-eight-year-old Stephanie Sigman. She’ll play Estrella, “a mysterious new woman in Bond’s life.” Spectre arrives on November 6th.


Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales


The Pauper of the Surf and The Jester of Tortuga may have been clowning around a little too much over the weekend. Dead Men Tell No Tales star Johnny Depp injured his hand in Australia, where the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean is in production. Though he was not injured on the set of the film, which is still on track for its July 7, 2017 release, Depp is flying back to the States for surgery. We here at Movie Morsels would like to wish the actor a speedy recovery, as we’re once again looking forward to seeing old Captain Jack giving them what for.


The Divergent Series: Insurgent

Looks like Mondo’s uber-stylish posters are having an impact on the way Hollywood promotes its movies. The second film of The Divergent Series, Insurgent, has just scored itself some cool new IMAX poster art. The Shailene Woodley starrer hits IMAX for special screenings on Thursday, March 19th, before opening everywhere on March 20th.





House of Cards and Fantastic Four star Kate Mara has just hopped on board Morgan, a science-fiction thriller producer by Sir Ridley Scott that will mark the directorial debut of his son, Luke Scott. Anya Taylor-Joy, a critics’ darling after her turn in the Sundance horror favorite The Witch, is in talks to co-star.

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The Life and Times of the Stopwatch Gang

Miles Teller

Hey, speaking of Fantastic Four stars — Miles “Reed Richards” Teller (who won praise for his performance opposite Oscar winner J.K. Simmons in Whiplash) is partnering with Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer for Universal’s The Life and Times of the Stopwatch Gang, based on the recent Atavist article by Josh Dean about “the most feared and pursued bank robbers of the 1980s,” who stole millions without firing a single shot.


Sharknado 3

David Hasselhoff

And finally today… Having not had his fill of airborne marine life in Piranha 3DD, actor-musician-puppylover David Hasselhoff has signed on for Sharknado 3, the latest chapter in director Anthony C. Ferrante’s surprise hit franchise. The Hoff will play Gilbert Sheperd, or “Gil” (cute), the father of star Ian Ziering’s Fin, in what must surely be the most perfect pairing of actors in such roles since Sean Connery rode off into the sunset with Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, though matched by the film’s casting of Bo Derek as May, the mother of Tara Reid’s April (a little too cute). Cassie Scerbo, Ryan Newman, and Jack Griffo co-star; with Mark Cuban, Jerry Springer, and Chris Jericho making cameos. The low-budget madness hits our shores in July.

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