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Movie Morsels: KINGSMAN’S Sofia Boutella May Be THE MUMMY

It’s Wednesday morning, and it’s time for another installment of Movie Morsels! In today’s column, The Mummy circles its leading lady, and Lionsgate just can’t quit The Hunger Games. Also on tap, Quentin Tarantino talks about the possibility of Kill Bill Vol. 3, Moonwalkers gets a very amusing new poster, and Jane Got a Gun has a new trailer!

And because no day is ever completely Marvel-free, Shawn Ashmore wants to explore a new side of Iceman in the X-Men films, and a lost Guardians of the Galaxy scene has been revealed. Movie Morsels starts now!

The Mummy

Do you remember those rumors that Tom Cruise was in talks to star in The Mummy reboot? Apparently, they are still alive, but definitely not confirmed. The latest rumor about The Mummy revolves around the title character. Kingsman’s blade-legged killer, Sofia Boutella, is said to be in negotiations to play the actual Mummy, which would be a big departure for Universal.

Sofia Boutella

There’s a lot riding on The Mummy reboot, as Universal is still dead set on building up a Marvel-style cinematic universe for its classic monsters. As for Boutella, she’s already got a role in Star Trek Beyond and a new spy thriller called The Coldest City, opposite Charlize Theron and James McAvoy. So she’ll probably be fine either way.

Regardless of whether Boutella signs on for the film, The Mummy will have to begin production next year to meet its release date on March 24, 2017.

[The Hollywood Reporter]

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games franchise is over…or at least that’s what we thought after The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 wrapped everything up last month. However, Lionsgate has other ideas. During an investment call, Lionsgate revealed that it plans to produce prequels to The Hunger Games.


This may be problematic for a few reasons. Suzanne Collins only wrote three Hunger Games novels, so any new stories would have to be constructed from scratch. The larger issue is that any Hunger Games prequels won’t have Jennifer Lawrence in a leading role, and she was unquestionably the biggest draw for the franchise.

Nerdist News’ own Jessica Chobot offered her take on Lionsgate’s plans, and had a few suggestions for the prequels the studio should pursue.


Kill Bill Vol. 3

For the next few months, Quentin Tarantino is gonna be all about The Hateful Eight. But that doesn’t mean that people aren’t asking about Kill Bill Vol. 3.

“There definitely is a possibility [for Kill Bill 3],” said Tarantino in an interview with What The Flick?! “Stop short of saying probability, but there could be.”

Kill Bill

“I put the character, Beatrix Kiddo through a lot,” continued Tarantino. “So I wanted her to have this much time for peace. I wanted her to have some time with her daughter and not have to be on the genre machine. She could actually enjoy her life for a while.”

Basically, Kill Bill Vol. 3 could still happen, just don’t count on it happening soon.



The moon landing was faked! Well…we don’t actually believe that, but it is the premise for director Antoine Bardou-Jacquet’s Moonwalkers. The film stars former Harry Potter bud Rupert Grint as a music manager hired to help convince the gullible American public that its space dollars weren’t wasted. Genre favorite Ron Perlman co-stars as a CIA agent, and Nerdist has the exclusive reveal of the hilarious Moonwalkers poster!

Moonwalkers will land on January 15, 2016.



For all of you non-comic book readers out there, the X-Men’s Iceman recently came out as gay…twice! Once as a time-displaced teenager, and the other as his adult counterpart. Of course, the X-Men movies previously portrayed Iceman as straight, but Shawn Ashmore would love a chance to play Iceman as a gay man in the future.

Shawn Ashmore

“I wonder what the transition would be because we’ve sort of established Bobby as having a love interest in Rogue and having a love interest in sort of Kitty Pryde, but I think it’d be really interesting,” said Ashmore during an interview with IGN. “I think it’d probably be the most interesting thing that could happen to Bobby in the films. If they decided to take the story that way, it’d be incredibly dramatic, it’d be an interesting storyline, and it would give Bobby a great character arc.”

“I’d definitely be open to that,” added Ashmore. “But again, I’m not sure if they want to take the character in that direction. I have no idea how they would play that out. I think it’d be very interesting.”


Guardians of the Galaxy

The Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase 2 Blu-ray Collection keeps serving up previously unseen gems from the Marvel Studios films. One of the latest clips is from Guardians of the Galaxy, as Drax the Destroyer (Dave Bautista) explains the significance of his body art to Rocket and Groot. Drunk.

Given the fact that the special effects for Rocket and Groot aren’t finished in this scene, it’s likely director James Gunn cut it out of the film pretty early in the process. But it does offer some additional insight about Drax, and it reveals why Drax and Rocket were fighting in the film.

Jane Got a Gun

We’re never going to get tired of Natalie Portman kicking ass. The new trailer for Jane Got a Gun has been released, and it shows more footage from the new western starring Portman as a young woman who is forced to take up arms to defend her family from the Bishop Boys gang and their leader, Colin, as played by Portman’s former Star Wars co-star, Ewan McGregor.

Noah Emmerich and Joel Edgerton also star in Jane Got a Gun as Jane’s husband and former lover, respectively. Jane is saddling up on January 29, 2016.


That’s a wrap for today’s Movie Morsels! Share your thoughts on today’s stories in the comment section below!

Featured Image: 20th Century Fox

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