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Movie Morsels: Hawkeye Confirmed for CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, TOY STORY 4 and TOMORROWLAND Updates

Happy Daylight Saving Time, folks! While you’re still trying to make up that hour of sleep we lost yesterday, we’ve got a few Movie Morsels today to help make the transition less painful, including confirmation on the latest Avenger to join the already massive cast of Captain America: Civil War, the latest word on John Lasseter’s Toy Story 4, a potentially revealing nugget in the new Tomorrowland poster, news of director Colin Trevorrow’s follow-up to Jurassic World, and more. Now enjoy that extra hour of sunlight!

Captain America: Civil War

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Directors Joe and Anthony Russo described their Captain America: The Winter Soldier as “Avengers 1.5.” And it looks like the directing duo’s Captain America: Civil War will further that trend by being — as Anthony Mackie calls it — “Avengers 2.8.” In addition to Mackie’s Falcon, Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow, Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury, newcomer Chadwick Boseman’s Black Panther, and Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man, the film is now confirmed to include Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye (after the actor indicated last year that his inclusion was a possibility). Captain America: Civil War will be waged on May 6, 2016.

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Toy Story 4

Toy Story

Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story 4 will be, according to Pixar President Jim Morris, “a romantic comedy.” The June 16, 2017 release–to be directed by original Pixar helmer John Lasseter and written by Rashida Jones and Will McCormack (making their Pixar debut)–will, says Morris, be a continuation of Toy Story 3 only “in temperament”; but, in placing its emphasis less on the relationship between children and toys, it will forge its own path as “a love story.” Could this be Pixar’s biggest attempt yet to broaden its audience? And just who will this love story involve? Has Woody finally found someone new after the departure of Bo Peep?



A new poster for director Brad Bird and writer Damon Lindelof’s Tomorrowland arrived this weekend, and it features the most direct reference we’ve seen yet to the the Disney theme park land from which the film draws its name — specifically, to its most famous attraction, Space Mountain. Check out what’s peeking up on the left side of the horizon in the image below. Does this mean Space Mountain will be a major plot point or a setting in the George Clooney-starring film? We’ll know when we all voyage to Tomorrowland on May 22nd. In the meantime, today brings a new trailer for the film and a live Q&A with Bird and Lindelof.



Intelligent Life

Colin Trevorrow

Hey, speaking of this summer’s science-fiction epics… We’ve still got a few months to go before the release of Jurassic World, but director Colin Trevorrow (pictured above) has already lined up his next film, and it’s another sci-fi thriller co-written by Derek Connolly, with producers Steven Spielberg and Frank Marshall again attached — Intelligent Life. DreamWorks has just picked up the project, which is said to be a reworking of Ambassador, an unproduced follow-up to Trevorrow and Connolly’s indie breakthrough Safety Not Guaranteed. Ambassador is described as the tale of “a U.N. worker in a department that was to represent humankind in the event of alien contact. The man falls in love with a mysterious woman who turns out to be an alien.” Jurassic World opens on June 12th.

[The Hollywood Reporter]

Billy Lynn’s Halftime Walk


TRON: Legacy and Unbroken star Garrett Hedlund is in talks to join Ang Lee’s Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, based on the novel by Ben Fountain, as Bravo Company squad leader, Sgt. Dime. The story concerns the title character and his brothers in arms, veteran soldiers who are brought back to the States from the war in Iraq for a Thanksgiving Day football game before being shipped back for more battle. The actor has just completed work as the young Captain Hook in director Joe Wright’s Pan, arriving on July 24th.


What do you think of today’s top stories? Let us know below!

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  1. jedijson says:

    Hawkeye will be in EVERYTHING, apparently!

    In other news, I doubt Toy Story 4 will be Woody-centric.  When you get to watch these movies as often as I do (hey, I have four kids, and the oldest and youngest are separated by nine years), you see that they tease a potential romance between Buzz and Jessie.  Although it would be kinda cool for Rex to find someone…

    Halftime Walk was an excellent book, so I hope they do it justice…

  2. Chesterfield says:

    As much as I look forward to the Age of Ultron, I’m just as excited for Civil War. I like that they’re locking down as many Avengers as they can for the film, and I am looking forward to it being a Cap story told on this huge canvas. it’s what the character deserves, and it feels like it’s what the Cap movies have been building towards.

  3. Brouski says:

    Tonight, Hawkeye guest stars on a very special “Girl Meets World”…

  4. Geek says:

    Man Hawkeye sure is a busy character. I guess since Disney now owns Marvel they are willing to lend him to do different projects. But Renner must be so tired by now…..

  5. Sam says:

    Holy shit, Hawkeye is going to be in Toy Story 4?