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Movie Morsels: Female SPIDER-MAN Movie Updates, DOCTOR STRANGE Rumors, New KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE Trailer, and More

Tuesday, Tuesday, gotta get down on Tuesday! Well, not really, but we can make it better with a healthy dose of Movie Morsels applied directly to your eyes. In today’s edition, we’re talking Sony’s Spider-Man films, Doctor Strange, Jurassic World, Ben-Hur, and much more.


It’s not small secret that Sony has aspirations of creating its own shared cinematic universe of Amazing Spider-Man and its various spin-offs like Venom/Carnage, Sinister Six, and the rumored female-led Spider-verse movie in 2017. Well, we may have a new clue as to who that unnamed female protagonist will be. Evidently, Marvel Comics has registered a trademark for the female Spidey character Silk, hinting at a much more significant role in the company’s plans even though she was only introduced last summer.


The character’s origin story reveals that Peter Parker wasn’t the only one bitten by a radioactive spider that fateful day; Cindy Moon was bitten as well, and she developed a similar set of arachnid-inspired superpowers. She isn’t as strong as Spidey, but she is faster, has an enhanced Spider Sense, and can shoot organic webbing from her fingers. Whether or not there’s any legitimacy to this development aside, Silk joins the ranks of Spider-Woman, Black Cat, and Silver Sable as potential frontrunners for the 2017 mystery slot. Honestly, though, I’d much prefer they take a cue from Edge of Spider-Verse and bring Spider-Gwen into the fold. [CinemaBlend]

Doctor Strange


Although we have a release date – July 18, 2016 – and a rumored, albeit stalled casting – Joaquin Phoenix – we know little else about what to expect from the Scott Derrickson-directed adaptation of Marvel’s Doctor Strange. A couple of URL purchases may reveal some new details though. Evidently, the House of Ideas has snagged, which shouldn’t come as a surprise, and, which is actually pretty interesting. The good Doctor’s iconic red cloak is pretty inextricably tied to his character, so hopefully this is a sign that he’ll be wearing it come 2016. Or, even better, hopefully Disney’s marketing department is going to sell them at retail come 2016. []

Kingsman: The Secret Service

The impressively cast, but poorly named adaptation of Mark Millar’s comic The Secret Service has a brand new trailer and it has 100% more Iggy Azalea and Ellie Goulding, as well as plenty of new footage of Colin Firth kicking ass, Samuel L. Jackson evilly lisping, Michael Caine Michael Caine-ing, and Taron Egerton being a right chav. All in all, the trailer looks pretty impressive. Take a look for yourself:

Well, almost everything looks great. I’m hoping that these VFX aren’t done yet because this digital face replacement is embarrassingly bad.


Jurassic World

Although production on the upcoming Jurassic World wrapped last month, director Colin Trevorrow tweeted out an image of some very familiar-looking signage with the simple caption “Autumn.”


Remember it? That’s the sign that Dennis Nedry (Wayne Knight) ran over while trying to steal the dinosaur embyros in the original Jurassic Park film. Clever girl… [Twitter]

The Great Wall


While we’re drooling over films like Skull Island and Crimson Peak, Legendary is gearing up for another film, Zhang Yimou’s The Great Wall. The film will investigate the mystery behind China’s most famous landmark, and news broke this weekend that Matt Damon is circling the lead role. Well, he may be in good company as news has emerged that Bryan Cranston is looking to potentially star opposite Damon. Jason Bourne and Heisenberg on screen together? Yes, please! [Deadline]

Star Trek 3


Could we Star Trek 3 reunite Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner? If Roberto Orci has his way, then you’d better believe it will. Click through and find out all the details about this supremely cool potential on-screen reunion. [Nerdist]

Gone Girl

The first reviews for David Fincher’s adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl are rolling in, and we’ve got a tense new TV spot to keep us on the edge of our seat until the film hits theaters on October 3. [ScreenCrush]



The cast of Timur Bekmambetov’s remake of Ben-Hur is solidifying with Jack Huston as Ben-Hur, Morgan Freeman as Ildarin, and Toby Kebbell in talks to play Messala. Soon, it’ll be off to the races for the Paramount-MGM production. According to screenwriter John Ridley (12 Years a Slave, Jimi: All Is By My Side), though, it’ll be a horse(race) of a different color:

“It’s going to be different in the sense that the original writer Keith Clarke wrote an amazing script and then went back to the Lew Wallace novel and really excavated the relationship between the two main characters, Ben-Hur and Messala.

It’s interesting to a degree. It’s kind of like going after Jimi Hendrix, because there are things about the 1959 movie that we think we remember, there are things that really happened, including obviously the chariot race, so it’s going to be different in the sense that we’re not really trying to completely chase the movie people remember but there are elements of that movie: the heart of the film, the emotional drive of the film that we want to try to bring to a whole new audience. I think it’s an interesting project. It’s certainly challenging. It’s certainly one that people are going to come into with expectations, but like anything you do, you gotta exceed those expectations to a degree and also not worry about them because at its core, we hope and believe that we’ve got something that’s unique.”

Thankfully, I trust Ridley’s writing and, honestly, nothing can be worse than Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, so this might just be the historical epic we’ve been waiting for. [ComingSoon]

The Last Witch Hunter

Ever wonder what it would look like if Macklemore banged Mumford & Sons? Probably like Vin Diesel in The Last Witch Hunter. The man they call Groot revealed two new pictures of his prodigious facial hair he’s rocking for the Rose Leslie, Elijah Wood, and Michael Caine-starring action flick.




What do you make of today’s top stories? Let us know in the comments below or tell me on Twitter.

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  1. Ronin says:

    I don’t think that Sony has the rights to Spider-Woman. Though her name includes “Spider” she had a completely different origin(s) and had been more closely related to S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers. I imagine she is not a contender for a female fronted Sony film. 

    • Darren says:

      Yeah I’m pretty sure Marvel Studios has the rights to her. I don’t get why she keeps being brought up for this Sony film.

      • Jonathan81 says:

        because in one incarnation, spiderwoman is a clone of peter parker.  so, if they go that route, sony can use the character.  so they’re legal matters with that character.

  2. Jason says:

    I guess ill never be around for Doctor Strange (July 18, 2106)