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Mother of Gordon! Portal/Half-Life Film In the Works From Bad Robot and Valve

If the coffee and continental breakfast here at the D.I.C.E. Summit 2013 didn’t wake me up, then this bombshell at the end of J.J. Abrams’ and Gabe Newell’s opening keynote, “Storytelling Across Platforms: Who Benefits Most, the Audience or the Player?”, most certainly did: Bad Robot is looking to make games with Valve, and they are looking into making either a Portal or Half-Life film together. Sure, it might be difficult to construct a feature film around a silent protagonist like Gordon Freeman, but maybe they can get around that by using title cards a la The Artist, or constantly have characters cutting Gordon off before he can get a word out edgewise. Besides, we all know that the good Dr. Freeman prefers to let his crowbar do the talkin’.

We have a full, in-depth post about J.J. and Gabe’s enlightening talk on the way, but in the meantime, tide yourself over with dreams of what a Portal film might look like courtesy of Y: The Last Man director Dan Trachtenberg:

What would you like to see from a Portal/Half-Life film or a Bad Robot/Valve game? Quemment below and let us know!

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  1. Matt says:

    I reckon Morgan freeman should be Gordon freeman

  2. Ryan says:

    They are both amazing games that deserve their own movies and that’s why JJ said he would make both!

  3. On peu tе dire que cee n’est guère absurde !

  4. Krystyna says:

    I had been hunting for strategies for my own weblog and noticed your
    post, “Mother of Gordon! Portal/Half-Life Film In the Works From
    Bad Robot and Valve

  5. Christopher C. Beebe says:

    I wanna see Valve buck the trend of Gordon Freeman never talking by having Gordon Freeman speak. I also wanna hear more natural-sounding dialogue from all the characters involved than the games ever provided. That is, IF a Half Life movie is ever made.

  6. hots3YZxwm says:

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  7. John Smith says:

    Combustible lemons and burning houses

  8. AlaraJali says:

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  9. AlaraJali says:

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  10. if they are gonna make a portal movie, they have to make it intresting, they need Chell to talk, and they need to use the portal 2 story, but tell the first story in the form of a voiceover montage showing Chell escaping the test area, then a 5 minute scene with Chell fighting GLaDOS, then it shows her waking up from cryostasus in the second game, then she could do a voiceover at the ending, where she could go up an elevator, then it would show the turrets pointing at her, and the voiceover could say like: “they looked at me, they stared right into my soul. and then…they sang” and then it would show the turret opera and her leaving. that’s 50 million dollars right there!

  11. Octane says:

    Oh my gosh. I don’t even know. I’m still giddy from the shock.

  12. William says:

    Ross Scott should play Freeman

  13. Evilcritter says:

    Sharlto Copley as Gordon. Pleasepleasepleaseplease….

  14. Garrett says:

    Flashback to the original days of Cave Johnson and Caroline!

  15. Laaban says:

    I really hope more than half the movie will be Gordon navigating really cramped, flooded areas that are partially electrocuted, just like in the game.

    If there is any shooting I hope there will never be enough ammo, just like the game.

  16. Nerdly Do Right says:

    I need a COMPANION CUBE!

  17. ajollynerd says:

    I need to know, before seeing any Portal movie: WILL THERE BE CAKE?

  18. Todd says:

    Holy crap that short film was amazing! I could see Issues with having it as a long full length film, but if they can capture the progressively more complex breadcrumb trail that happens in the game, that would be impressive. (The constant state of discovery in the game in face of progressively more complex puzzles) I would love to see this movie executed correctly!

  19. Burton says:

    I’m sure I’m stating the obvious, but I would like to see the theater flooded with deadly neurotoxin while smooth jazz plays. There doesn’t really have to be a movie.

  20. Nerdly Do Right says:

    Hells Yeah!

  21. Joel says:

    I want to see exploding lemons!