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More with CBS’ BAD TEACHER Star Ryan Hansen

When one sits down for a conversation with Ryan Hansen, best known for roles in Party Down and Veronica Mars and now starring in the CBS adaptation of the hit movie Bad Teacher, it’s a safe bet that all bets are off. While we did manage to discuss the show, which Hansen delightfully compared to FX’s Fargo, we also talked Game of Thrones, the fact that we had never met before, Hansen’s buddy Martin Starr, and about a million other things. But first, I had to assure him that I was not, in fact, Chris Hardwick.

“Nerdist?!” Hansen exclaims. “You don’t look like Chris Hardwick!”

“I know! He looks different in person,“ I reply. After we chat a bit about my name (yes, it really is “Clarke Wolfe” by birth, not by me making it up), I suggest we talk about Bad Teacher, to which Hansen asks, “What’s that?” and we’re off to the races.

After we stay on topic for about 30 seconds, Colin Hanks comes up and I make a joke about Dexter. “I haven’t seen that. I got kids. We don’t get to see anything. But we do watch Game of Thrones! Did you see the premiere? Fuck! I love that show. I was so bummed when it was over, I was like, ‘Shit!’” As a fellow fan of the shenanigans down in Westeros, I ask Hansen if he noticed that they switched out the actor who played Daario, Khaleesi’s new love interest. “Is it supposed to be him? Are you serious? I thought it was like, a new dude! Why did they cast that guy?” I told him it was because the other actor went to do the Transporter movies; Hansen was not impressed by the former Daario’s career choices. “Who fucking cares about that? You’re in Game of Thrones!… Why that guy, by the way? He looks like he’s from Southern California and surfs every morning. I’m like, What are you doing here? Ugh!”

Nerdist: I got a question for you —

Ryan Hansen: OK, please. You can give me the answer if you want. (laughs) I love Nerdist! @Midnight show!

N: You should be on @Midnight!

RH: Well, I don’t know if I would succeed, but I would love to be on it.

Hansen then mentions his friend and fellow Party Down alum Martin Starr and how excited he is to watch HBO’s Silicon Valley.

RH: I’m so happy for Martin… I love him. I love him so much!

N: The show is really good and he gets more to do as the show goes on.


N: Spoiler Alert: Martin Starr is in Silicon Valley.

RH: Clarke rules! What if you and Clark Duke dated and got married! You’d be Clarke and Clark Duke!

N: You know what we would be? We’d be Clark Duke squared.

RH: Oh my God! Perfect for Nerdist.

N: And if we had children –

RH: The Clarkettes!

N: — Clark Duke cubed. Another math joke.

RH: I really succeeded in high school and in school… I was such a bad student.

N: You had other things ahead of you like movies and television.

RH: Honestly, my favorite teacher of all time was Coach Love. Not joking. So it’s nice to get to be a coach [on Bad Teacher] and kind of give back a little bit.

N: Alright, last question.

RH: Okay. (Hansen takes a beat) Yes!

N: Alright! Interview over.

I ask him about what he has coming next and he mentions the potential for a Veronica Mars spin-off on The CW about his character. After we talk about the basic premise of the show, Hansen was sincere about bringing the beloved show back through Kickstarter, saying, “Honestly, the best part about it was the process of the Kickstarter, sitting there on day one watching it go to $2M in ten hours. I sat there for ten hours watching it like, ‘Oh my God.’ And then being able to produce a movie that the fans actually loved. That was the coolest part and going to the different premieres that people paid to go to and to hang out with us and to have them be so excited about the movie, it was so humbling and it was the coolest part of my career. I’m retired. I’m never acting again.”

Except on Bad Teacher, which premiered last night on CBS.

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