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MONDO Whips out Exclusive CASTLEVANIA Vinyl for SDCC

Finally, a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive we music nerds can really get behind. Mondo have just announced they will be unleashing the Castlevania soundtrack at SDCC this year, with a half red and half grey colored pressing being available exclusively at the convention. This is the original game soundtrack, pressed on 10″ vinyl, people. We all know the songs; they’ve haunted our nightmares for decades. Now, you can own them on vinyl, wrapped in beautiful packaging. Slaying the minions of the Dark Lord has never sounded so good!

Of course, this being Mondo and all, they couldn’t just through the original game art on the cover and call it a day. Instead, they enlisted the talents of the utterly amazing Becky Cloonan to design the whole package. You know, the Becky Cloonan who makes amazing posters for bands like Black Sabbath and The Sword? The Becky Cloonan who writes comics like The Punisher and Gotham Academy? The Becky Cloonan who just did the art for the Criterion Collection release of Pan’s Labyrinth? Yes, that Becky Cloonan, folks, and the Castlevania Soundtrack clearly couldn’t be in better hands. It looks gorgeous.

This is the 30th anniversary of the Castlevania franchise, and nobody celebrates quite like Mondo. If you have had the pleasure of picking up any of their previous vinyl soundtracks, you know they do this stuff right. These are real works of art and a lot of care goes into the music, packaging, and presentation. There’s no better way to honor one of the greatest game franchises ever than spinning some vinyl and listening to its awesome soundtrack.

There are two ways to get your hands on this masterpiece, but it won’t be easy. The first is through the Mondo webstore, which will feature the grey and black splatter vinyl. The second will be at SDCC, over at the Mondo booth (#835), and that’ll be the SDCC exclusive half red, half grey edition. If you know Mondo, you know these bad boys will go fast, so get thee to the Mondo booth and pick up that exclusive! Or hang at home and keep refreshing your web browser to grab the ol’ standard version. They’re both pretty.

The album tracks are listed below and the SDCC Edition is limited to 1000 copies, so don’t sleep on this one. We’ve also got a peek at the stunning artwork, so feast your eyes on that, too.

  1. Underground
  2. Prologue
  3. Vampire Killer
  4. Stalker
  5. Wicked Child
  6. Walking On The Edge
  7. Heart Of Fire
  8. Out Of Time
  9. Nothing To Lose
  10. Poison Mind
  11. Black Night
  12. Voyager

Do you Count the days to get this bloody good record? Stake out a comment below!

Images: Mondo


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