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Mondo Celebrates Laika with PARANORMAN and CORALINE Vinyl

The Laika animation studio is responsible for movies like Paranorman, Coraline, and the upcoming film The Boxtrolls. In honor of the recent Record Store Day event (on Saturday, April 19th), Mondo teamed up with Laika to release the soundtracks for Paranorman and Coraline on vinyl for the first time, with beautiful artwork, records, and a limited edition Coraline poster.

The Coraline soundtrack features music by Bruno Coulais, an original song by They Might Be Giants, and cover artwork by Michael DePippo. Paranorman’s soundtrack has Jon Brion’s music, art by DKNG, and some records have a randomly inserted vinyl featuring Aggie.

The records and poster will be available to purchase on Tuesday, April 22nd, at random times. Follow Mondo on Twitter to learn exactly when the items are live in their shop.

Will you be trying to get the records or the poster? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Emily says:

    Jessica Thanks, Laura! It is pretty amzniag, isn’t it? I love everything from the molding and 3D printing of the puppet’s faces, to the tiny little knitting needles used to make the sweaters. So magical!

  2. Ben Adams says:

    ….sorry…HARDWICK!!…I forgot the “Hard”..xo

  3. Ben Adams says:

    Chris Harwick, When are you coming to visit and check out our new movie The Boxtrolls!?

  4. They have the craziest selections in distribution deals