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Modern DOCTOR WHO Gets Classic WHO Writer, a WESTWORLD Answer, and More TV News

Modern DOCTOR WHO Gets Classic WHO Writer, a WESTWORLD Answer, and More TV News

It’s a busy day in the world of Doctor Who. Today’s TV-Cap has word about a classic Who writer returning to pen an episode for the modern series, some rumors about series 11, and some thoughts on “The Power of the Daleks.” Besides Who, you’ll find an answer to an important Westworld question, synopses for the Arrow-verse crossover, and more.

Classic to Modern. The writer behind the last serial for the Seventh Doctor in the classic era of Doctor Who is set to contribute an episode to the modern era. Rona Munro will pen the ninth episode in series 10, titled “The Eaters of Light.” Munro has stayed in the Whoniverse by writing novelizations and radio dramas, but this will mark the first episode she’s tackled since 1989. [Radio Times]

Restored and Revived. BBC made the mistake of not archiving all the things in the ’70s, which means episodes of several shows were lost, including Doctor Who. They’ve recovered some, and they’re taking steps to revive others with animation. That’s what happened with “The Power of the Daleks.” Read more about its history and get a review of the recreated episodes here at Nerdist. [Image: BBC]

Rumor Time. With news out of the way, let’s look at some Doctor Who rumors. The Mirror reports series 11 could be the time for refreshing and going back to more of a Tenth Doctor vibe in order to boost the show’s popularity for kids. As you might guess, our resident Whovian Kyle Anderson has some thoughts about these rumors. Read it all here at Nerdist.

Minor spoilers for Westworld follow.


Painting Stash. Remember the part of Dolores’ loop in Westworld that shows her painting? There have to be thousands and thousands of pieces of art created by her, so where do they go? A Redditor asked and series co-showrunner Jonathan Nolan dropped by with a post saying “Doesn’t look like anything to me” and shared the above footage of a Delos employee flipping through a stack of identical paintings. What do you make of it? [The Mary Sue]

Hmm. Fox is taking a sci-fi/fantasy drama spin with Neil Gaiman. Deadline reports the writer has teamed with Angry Films to develop a series called The Building; it’s based on the digital film Parallels and centers on “young urban explorers.” Get all the details right this way.

Horror House. Channel Zero just wrapped season one, Candle Cove, but Syfy’s ready to tease the second season: No-End House. Arriving in 2017, Channel Zero: No-End House is about a house of horrors comprised of six rooms, each scarier than the last. It’s not my cuppa, but for those of you who don’t mind being scared, watch the above teaser. [Deadline]

So. Much. Happening. A four-part crossover can’t be easy to manage. The creative pieces of the puzzle seem like they’d be a challenge to put together, let alone the logistics of bringing so many cast and crew members together. But it’s happening on The CW the week of November 28 with Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow. Characters from all those shows will be fighting the Dominators, and it begins with Supergirl. That’s a bit of a set-up since I think Barry and Cisco just show up at the end to ask for Kara’s help. I find the synopses to be on the spoilery side, but if you’re cool with learning how and why the heroes come together, you can read the summary for each installment at TVLine.

Recommendation Time. Need some new anime to keep you occupied and entertained this winter? Dan has suggestions for eight series. Check ’em out in the latest The Dan Cave, embedded above. [Nerdist]

More, More, More. The CW has announced their midseason schedule, and whew, DVRs are going to get a workout. Riverdale will drop on January 26, season four of The 100 will debut on February 1, iZombie’s third season isn’t coming until April 4, and The Originals returns on March 17. The Vampire Diaries series finale will air on March 10. Not on that schedule are Frequency and No Tomorrow. Neither series got orders to extend their first seasons beyond 13 episodes; if you’re a fan of those shows, don’t worry. The CW hasn’t officially cancelled them yet. [IGN]

Hulu Premieres! What’s that, you want more premiere dates? Then please take note of these midseason arrivals on Hulu: Season two of The Path, starring Aaron Paul and Hugh Dancy, will arrive on January 25. April 2017 will see the series premiere of The Handmaid’s Tale, based on the novel by Margaret Atwood.

Bloody Conclusions, More Vigilantes. American Horror Story: Roanoke wrapped on Wednesday night and went there; read Samantha’s recap. Then, find out what happened on the most recent Arrow with Sydney’s recap.

Do you put any stock in the rumors about series 11 of Doctor Who? Tell me your thoughts in the comments.

Featured Image: BBC

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