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Watch MISTER ROGERS Save Public Television on DRUNK HISTORY

It’s hard to think of a figure in the history of television more deserving of media tributes than Fred McFeely Rogers (that’s Mister Rogers to you). And we’re likely to see more and more of them cropping up, as this month marks 50 years since Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood debuted on WQED in Pittsburgh. But I’m certain we won’t see many quite as indelible, unique, and hilarious as Drunk History’s take on Rogers’ trip to the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Communication. In the pitch-perfect segment, characteristically tipsy host Derek Waters listens as comedian and frequent Drunk History storyteller Solomon Georgio weaves the remarkable tale. Colin Hanks plays Rogers, which seems appropriate, given that his dad Tom (who you may have heard of) was recently cast as Rogers in the upcoming You Are My Friend.

(Note: Georgio curses a bit more than Rogers might have, so have your earmuffs ready.)

So, in sum: Rogers sees children’s television lacks merit; Rogers lands a job at NBC and decides it’s not the place for him; Rogers returns home to start his own show on a shoestring budget at his local station; and Rogers throws a massive fundraiser in Boston that catches the attention of President Lyndon B. Johnson. LBJ gets in on the public broadcasting game with stacks of cash, his successor Nixon tries to put the kibosh on it, Rogers moonwalks into the Subcommittee meeting and straight-up nails his presentation, and the Subcommittee totally gets it.

(Oh, David Koechner plays Senator Pastore, because why wouldn’t he?)

As with many Drunk History segments, you may actually learn something here you never would have otherwise. And even if you’re familiar with the story, and the actual testimony Rogers gave that day, you’re still going to laugh, Consider that a guarantee from your neighbor (in this case, that’s me).

How are you celebrating the anniversary of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood? Let us know in the comments!

Images: Comedy Central/Drunk History

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