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Miss FUTURAMA LIVE? Now Watch It Taped!

Wednesday night was the clever, touching, and surprisingly violent final episode of perennial animated sci-fi sitcom, Futurama. As you may recall from having seen us tout it for several days straight, before and after the telecast on Comedy Central, there was a live roundtable discussion hosted by Chris Hardwick with several members of the cast and crew. They were fun AND informative, if two such things can exist in harmony. Now, if you missed them, or if you just want to watch them again, both pre- and post-episode specials are available to watch on the Nerdist Channel.

The pre-show show consisted of creator Matt Groening, executive producer David X. Cohen, voice actors Phil LaMarr and Lauren Tom, and director Peter Avanzino, who talked a lot about the difficulty of cramming the show’s sometimes abundant visual jokes into a 20 minute cartoon. It also appears Lauren’s laugh won her the job, as did Phil’s ability to switch to a Jamaican accent at the eleventh hour. Gotta be flexible. We’re also treated to Groening and Cohen’s favorite scenes/moments from all of Futurama‘s 140 episodes, and they both happen to be from the 2010 episode, “The Late Philip J. Fry,” which is totally one of the best episodes. Also, fun fact: did you know writer Ken Keeler has the rare distinction of having written four separate series finales for Futurama? It’s the show that won’t die!

Rama LiveAfter the finale episode, “Meanwhile,” Groening and Cohen were back with Chris, along with writer/producer Patric M. Verrone and voice actors Billy West and Maurice LaMarche. When you get those two actors in the same room, you can bet that others find it hard to get a word in edgewise, but it does happen. This 45-minute special talked about the show’s final episode a bit more in-depth, but the panelists also chimed in with favorite guest stars (Billy West tells a fantastic story about speaking to William Shatner on the phone), favorite characters, and the very real probability of a Futurama episode of The Simpsons. Look out for the Nerdist Podcast’s resident guffaw-er Kyle Clark (who isn’t me, you guys), as he gets called “a young Matt Groening.” Also, if Billy and Maurice have their way, there will be a Zapp Brannigan and Kif spinoff series. We can hope, can’t we?!?!

Futurama was and is one of the best, smartest, and most inventive shows ever on the air, and these two specials are a really nice sendoff and postmortem for such a landmark in funny.

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  1. Future fan says:

    I am really sad and depressed to see this show die i really wish you could revive it somehow i think this show is better than the simpsons ive seen all the episodes of futurama and the simpsons and they are both great shows but futurama was the best show on television could you do atleast one last move 2 to 3 hours long that takes place after meanwhile and include all the characters and zoidbergs new girlfriend make the plot something to do with fry and leela saving the universe with their friends and make the niblonians play a huge role in helping and directing fry to his final fate for being sent to the future and my favorite gimick was when zoidberg woot woot woot wooted away make him do that he didnt do that in the final episode

  2. where / how / NOW do I get to see all the episodes I’ve missed . Like “The Last one” or last few. No place seems to allow it / I never wanted THAT show to die …the BEST.
    If you guys need new project I have GREAT movie (actually would be at best at LOW-BUDGET for best effect)
    for almost whole story board , listen to lyrics to song on YouTube search: “Killer Coconuts” …. I mean ‘COME-ON’ that title in itself should speak to your style …. if ANY interest shown – I will COME the whole egg.
    in mean time gimme gimme more episodes of the future ’cause I’m sure there are many I missed while out on the Road

    Brian Van Aken
    spelled just like Van Halen only without the money — notice I didn’t say without the talent

    YouTube website above / also I’m told by 6 strangers / week that I look like Weird Al …. so automatic gimmick of my new smash hit “I Don’t Look Like Weird AL” first song on my
    I have all kinds of crazy / come to Buthead
    ………………By Definition
    Brian Van Aken drummer / songwriter / Rock Show Extremist / cult-movie writer —- liken to the Blob
    pitch pitch pitch one or eight of you have your next 7 projects HERE
    with my talent of………the Coconut version of JAWS…oops I had more but thats giving away


  3. FRED says:

    I miss it but I watch it later…. :-{=