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Misha Collins Is Back As A Series Regular For Season 10 Of SUPERNATURAL

With Season 10 already a lock and their spin-off a no go, the folks over at Supernatural are busy prepping for their latest outing with the Winchesters, and with that, they’ve locked down one of the most important players in any hunter’s tool box, an angel.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Misha Collins, best known for his work as fan-favorite Castiel, has officially signed on as a series regular in Supernatural‘s tenth season. It makes sense; the angel arc has been the driving force of this season, which seems to be coming to a head in the final two episodes. Where Castiel will be at the end of Season 9 is anyone’s guess, but we know where he’ll be at the start of Season 10: in our living rooms.

As we’ve discussed here before, Supernatural is on a major upswing, and this past week’s episode with Dean coming to terms with the power the First Blade has over him? Seriously, some of the most epic writing the show has featured since… well, since last season. It’s always towards the end of a season that Supernatural gets all-out awesome (remember when Crowley was picking off past Winchester saves? Of course you do), and this season is turning out to be no different.

As far as Castiel goes, let’s all just hope for a moment in Season 10 where our favorite angel gets to, you know, live a little… or not. The dude does know how to run an angel army real good.

Supernatural airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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  1. Jim says:

    Get Bobby back as well!

  2. redsonja1313 says:

    we cant have an Angel without our Devil …TEAM CROWLEY !!! 

  3. Lisa says:

    SO Happy to get this news today! As some of TPTB of SPN have said, I can’t imagine the show without Misha anymore! 
    I just really hope he gets a chance to direct again, if he wants to, and that he’s in even more of the episodes and with Dean and Sam even more in Season 10! Team Free Will is the best part of the show and I really miss seeing them together!