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Celebrate Mermay with STAR WARS, AVENGERS, and Classic Mermaid Art

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—Mermay! Follow the hashtag on social media and you will see some amazing mermaid-themed art from indie artists around the world. While mermaids are cool enough in their own right, Mermay bring out the creativity in mer-mashups of the sea sirens with a variety of pop culture characters. It’s a match mer-made in heaven.

Check out this roundup of marvelous mermaid art for Mermay!

Chewbacca Mermaid

With Star Wars being on everyone’s mind each May, character mashups are inevitable. This artist chose to draw Chewie missing his pal Han Solo on May the 4th. Geez, what a punch to the gut. We should end our Mermay roundup right here because this one wins.

Mermaid Watching Infinity War

We feel you, mermaid; on dry land or beneath the sea, watching a screening of Infinity War is a harrowing experience. At least no one will notice your tears underwater.

Pirate Mermaid

I love when artists incorporate two things that fans love, and there’s something magical about a pirate mermaid.

Mer-May Leia

Here we see the ethereal beauty of this Mer-Leia, who seems to be drifting happily through the ocean. If you think this is great, you should really check out her Darth Squidious. Yes, she did that.

Gryffindor Mermaid

Even mermaids like to show off their house colors. This fabulous Harry Potter mermaid doesn’t even need Gilly Water.

Han and Leia Mermaids

Everyone’s favorite Star Wars couple as mermaids—do you think this is a surprise plotline for Solo: A Star Wars Story? We’ll have to wait and see.

Kissing Mermaid

Sweet little mermaid kisses! The dark background looks like a beautiful evening underwater.

Phoenix Mermaid

Rising from the ashes of the ocean, this X-Men mermaid is surely using her telekinesis to summon her fish friends. Or fight evil sea creatures! Who knows?

Vader Mermaid

Instead of being made of mostly robotic parts, what if Vader had been a mermaid all along? Deep thoughts to ponder.

T’Challa and Shuri Mermaids

T’Challa and Shuri must have a hidden underwater Wakanda, right? It only makes sense. These Black Panther mermaid siblings are so cute! The same artist did all the mermaid Avengers and it took all I had to not post every single one of them.

Mermaid eating cake

Now this is a mermaid after my own heart. While it looks like she’s kind of sick over the cake, I’m sure it’s because the pastry is actually made of fish.

Mer-Rey and Jellyfish BB-8

A mer-Rey deserves a jellyfish BB-8 sidekick. This art is so stunning it makes me want an animated underwater Star Wars show.

Frankenstein’s Monster and his Mermaid

Based off the classic photo of Glenn Strange and Ann Blyth joking around on the Universal Studios backlot in 1948, this artwork is a sweet homage to the forbidden romance that never was. Check out the original photo for reference.

Golden Girls Mermaid

This Golden Girls mer-art captures the essence of one Blanche Devereaux. Do mermaids eat cheesecake? They should.

Asajj Ventress Mermaid

#asajjventress #mermay #revengeofthefith #inkedtails #mermaid

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You can always count on Brian Kesinger for some high quality Star Wars mashups. This art proves that Ventress would make an amazing assassin mermaid.

Mermaid Knight

The colors and details on this mermaid knight are stunning. It makes sense that a mermaid would be a knight—who else would protect the king of Atlantis?

Steven Universe Mermaid

This beautiful Steven Universe-inspired mermaid sparkles and shines just like the real Rose Quartz.

Mermaid Animals

If you’re having a bad day a cute animal or two will really lift your spirits. But if you’re really down in the dumps, cute mermaid animals will make you smile bright.

Giant Mermaid

The colors on this piece are gorgeous, the way the water is out of focus captures the imagination. The more you stare at it the more beautiful—and also scary—it becomes.

Have you seen any other great pieces of mermaid art? Share with us!

Featured image: AndiesRoomArt

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