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Melting a Jawbreaker with a Blowtorch Looks Like Raiders of the Lost Ark

Don’t worry, you won’t have to keep your eyes shut for this video.

Now is the time to have a niche YouTube channel that destroys stuff. A husband/wife team that puts everything in a hydraulic press is making headlines, and everyone remembers the meteoric rise of “Will it Blend?” Armed with a blowtorch and a camera, LET’S MELT THIS is yet another YouTube channel that promises a unique flavor of destruction. Their latest is putting a jawbreaker through its paces, and it looks just like what happens when you stare at the Ark of the Covenant.


In the video above, a jawbreaker melts completely in just under four minutes from the oppression of a 1900-degree Fahrenheit spigot of fire. Cathartic, right? Remember the endless licking a jawbreaker required, the distrusting plastic bag you kept it in between “sessions,” the sloughing off of tongue skin? Ugh. Screw those candies. They deserve divine retribution for what they put our adolescent mouths through.

Look familiar?


And if you’ve ever wanted to know just how scary acid can be, LET’S MELT THIS also demonstrates that sulfuric acid will consume sponges like Xenomorph blood melts spaceship hull:

Nothing is really “melting” here, however. When acids “eat” something, it’s really the atoms and molecules that make up the object deciding to bind more strongly with the acid. Put your hand in a vat of sulfuric acid, for example, and the molecules that constitute your hand will decide to be part of the acidic solution rather than your hand. And that’s a painful decision.

What else would you like to see face the absolute wrath of a blowtorch or acid? Let us know in the comments below.

Speaking of melting your face off, just how acidic is a Xenomorph’s blood?

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