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Meet Your Miscreant Friends in the WATCH DOGS Character Trailer

Every Batman needs his Justice League, and every lone elite hacker and vigilante needs his gang of miscreants and criminals to help him. At least, that’s my takeaway from this new character trailer for Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs, which reveals the informal “team” of outsiders helping Aiden Pierce do what he’s gonna do to Chicago’s criminal underworld.

It’s like the A-Team with more tattoos and personality disorders.

In case you didn’t watch the whole video, here’s a rundown of the characters revealed within:

Claire Lille: A French-accented (from the sounds of it) tattoo artist and hacker, helping Aiden move data packets and trip the Matrix or something. I kid; She seems like an interesting addition given that Aiden is supposed to be a one-man data intrusion expert.

T-Bone O’Grady: A welder. Rough and tumble muscle and seemingly Watch Dogs‘ answer to GTA V‘s grimy sociopath Trevor. He’s not nearly dirty enough, though.

Jordi Chin: From the looks of it, this hitman with Choi Min-shik’s OldBoy haircut will also be supplying Aiden with ordnance.

Anthony “Iraq” Wade: Gang tactics and a veteran of the Iraq war. Notable for having the name of the conflict he was in as his nickname.

Dermot “Lucky” Quinn: Local syndicate boss and – from the looks of it – a mentor to Aiden. What are the odds that the vigilante is going to end up on the wrong side of old Lucky before Watch Dogs is finished?

Watch Dogs will be available on consoles and the PC May 27th.

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