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Meet the Pop Culture Loving Cartoons of Nerdist’s New Web Comic, BIG PAPER!

Welcome to our new Nerdist webcomic strip! From actor, improviser, and artist Michael McCusker comes Big Paper. Big Paper takes place in a world where humans and cartoons live together. (Think of it as our version of Toon Town from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?.)

Our hero, Everett, is a cartoon dinosaur who was abandoned as an infant and adopted by a human family. His best friends are Mel, a cartoon turtle and child actor who rubs shoulders with famous toons like the  Incredible Hulk at auditions, and Keaton, a brooding human girl with a penchant for instigating. Together they navigate what it is to be a growing person — human or cartoon — amidst their love of the pop culture world they inhabit.

So, without further ado, we give you Everett, Mel, and Keaton… the stars of Big Paper!

Big_Paper_Strip_1About Big Paper:

Abandoned as an infant, Everett, a living and breathing cartoon dinosaur, was adopted by a loving human couple. Within a reality where cartoons live and work among us, Everett navigates what it is to be 8-years-old along with his two cohorts: a cartoon turtle and child actor called Mel, and a brooding instigator and human girl named Keaton. They reside in a place where geek and pop culture have physically manifested itself, from the Incredible Hulk studying in your acting class to having the great Pumpkin King over for dinner. Basically, it’s our dream world.

About Michael McCusker:
MichaelMcCuskerBioThumbMichael McCusker is an actor, improviser, and artist originally from Boston, MA. At an early age, he fell in love with the theater and live comedy. Michael discovered the North End’s Improv Asylum in 2005 and has been performing regularly since. Upon graduating from Bentley University in 2007, he moved westward to Los Angeles where he continued his improv education with IO West, Second City, UCB, and The Groundlings. Michael has since been featured in a string of commercials, music videos, online sketch, and some of those sweet, unaired pilots for major networks!

Thanks for taking the time to read Big Paper. If you dig the art, please check out his online portfolio, or grab something for yourself in his Society6 store.

New strips of Big Paper debut every Wednesday, right here on Nerdist!

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