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Meet the Genius Ladies at Girl NASA

What if you were a woman applying to join NASA in 1963? Well, in this fictional imagining from Nerdist and YouTube Space LA’s Women Create Program, you’d get to join your very own division called Girl NASA. You’d work just as hard or harder than the men but never get recognized for your accomplishments. You’d be forced to use only pink office supplies and never get enough financial support to conduct important experiments. In short, you’d have to put up with a lot of BS. Maybe all of the BS.

The women of Girl NASA are essentially saving the world. They’ve figured out how to terraform Mars, for crying out loud. However, all the narrator can focus on is the fact that they’re women, and Girl NASA is so over it. Their expressions over the course of the short say it all. It’s a miracle they’re not just rolling their eyes all the time.

Luckily, this is fiction and therefore hilarious. Still, some of the encounters have root in nonsense that actually happens, or has happened, in the workplace. Keep fighting the good fight, ladies! And don’t forget to learn about the real-life inspiration behind Girl NASA at Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls.

Let’s roll the almost entirely female credits:

Elaine Carroll
Shelby Fero
Mary Holland
Natalie Morales
Shannon Joy Rogers
Caitlin Stasey
Dan Hodapp

Matthew Mercer

Written & Directed by
Jess Lane & Ben Mekler

Producer: Jason Nguyen
1st AD: Mary Hayden
Production Coordinator: Tiffany Wong
Director of Photography: Meena Singh
1st AC: Nadia Baptista
Gaffer: Russell Bell
Key Grip: Heather Fannan
BG Swing: Laura Mohai
Production Designer: Caitlin Williams
Art Assistant: Maria Garcia
Key Wardrobe: Raelynn Esterlina
Key Make-up Artist: Cici Anderson
Assistant Make-up Artist: Helen Kalognomos
Production Sound: Lena Alkhatib
Art PA: Brittany Gutheim
Camera PA: Haneul Kim
Production PA: Jessica Zepeda
Editor: Jordan Epstein
GFX: Joe Humpay
Post Supervisor: Phil Loeb

Who else wants to be part of Girl NASA? I’m even okay with the pastel office supplies.

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