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Meet Ms. Delphox: Keeley Hawes to Guest on Season 8 of DOCTOR WHO

More casting news from the Doctor Who world! Less than a month after the announcement of Samuel Anderson’s casting as the mysterious Danny Pink comes the news of another character. Actress Keeley Hawes, of MI-5, Ashes to Ashes, Line of Duty, and the 2010-12 remake of Upstairs Downstairs, has been cast as a one-off character in the fifth episode of Season 8. Hawes will play the mysterious Ms. Delphox, “a powerful out of this world character with a dark secret” whom the Twelfth Doctor and Clara Oswald will come across when they arrive on a “strange and puzzling planet.”

The episode’s title hasn’t been released yet, but it’s been written by Steve Thompson (also of Sherlock) and directed by Douglas Mackinnon.


Of her role on the show, Hawes said, “I am delighted to join Doctor Who and to be working with this incredible team. Ms Delphox is a great character and someone I’ve had a lot of fun playing.”

And Steven Moffat, of head writer fame, added, “Anyone watching Jed Mercurio’s amazing Line of Duty will know that Keeley Hawes is having one hell of year. And now it’s about to get even better as she achieves the greatest villainy yet attempted on Doctor Who: she plays a banker.”

A banker? She does look like a banker, I suppose. She also kind of looks like Madame Kovarian from Series 6. A little bit. I truly have no idea what the episode will be about with a character description like that, but I’m very intrigued. Hawes has been excellent in everything I’ve seen her in, especially 2008’s Ashes to Ashes.

Are you excited? Tell us below. Yay, Doctor Who.

Image: BBC

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  1. About 2 years ago Moffet said that the Rani will not come back…
    I believe that he is lying yet again, and here is why…
    The new villain is an interstellar ‘banker’ named Miss Delphox and I believe that she is in fact the Rani.
    This new character is supposed to have been manipulating the Doctor through time (she is the ‘woman in the shop’ that gave Clara the number to the IT department, the number that rang the TARDIS… something a Timelord would be capable of
    She is supposed to have a ‘dark secret’ – renegade time lord
    The first episode she is introduced involves a T-Rex and the TARDIS – The first serial that the Rani showed up in involved a T-Rex on the TARDIS
    The first time we see Miss Delphox the doctor just regenerated – The last time we ‘see’ the Rani was when the doctor just regenerated and in both cases the previous doctor was younger and were replaced by a more ‘fatherly’ doctor
    A place of business is secretly used to experiment, operate, and ‘control’ the English locals – that is basically what the Rani did in her first episode Banker could mean a DNA Banker or a keeper of life forms (as the fallen foe of the doctor showing up in her ‘heaven’ supports), which if she is the Rani, it would make sense, because she collected DNA, life forms and experimented on them
    Both characters are shown to stand with her hands on her hips in a very similar fashion
    Moffat said that it will not happen… as he has shown us in regards to DW, he is not to be trusted… he lies often about the show and his plans
    Both characters are introduced in 19th Century England
    The Rani would not have been on Gallifrey during the Time War
    She Calls the Doctor her ”boyfriend” the Rani alluded to her having a had a relationship with the Doctor, the Rani, the Doctor and the Master grew up together…

  2. Lizz(Psy ) says:

    Always a good time when a new
    Character is brought in & Ms. Delphox
    Seems perfect for the show,
    DrWho , tends to have men usually as
    the nemesis, seems as if very few
    Women get the chance to Be evil
    I look forward at seeing her be
    The Villain

  3. SandraL says:

    Henrik, I wish she *was* playing the Rani – she’d be perfect for it.

  4. Henrik says:

    She’s The Rani! She’s Susan! She’s Andrew Scott! (I’ll get my coat.)

  5. grim says:

    Hullo, Ghostbustas….

  6. brooklynn says:

    why is she named after a pokémon

    • Reshiram says:

      Good question I wondered that too it’s even spelled the same

      • Her alias “Madame Karabraxos” means “Madame Rock Candy”.  Rock Candy is urban slang for an extremely erect penis, so it’s kind of “Madame Hardon”.  I agree with the first poster about a time lord, but…what about the monk?  Actually I think it is the Rani, or Tasha Lem.