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UPDATED: Meet Dick Casablancas, P.I. in First Teaser and Images for VERONICA MARS Webseries


There’s a full trailer! Thanks to the folks over at EW, we’ve got another look at the Veronica Mars web spinoff:

Did someone raid your party? Need a super suave, super legit detective on the case? Call Dick Casablancas, private eye! That’s right, folks, we’ve got your first look at Play It Again, Dick, the Veronica Mars spinoff web series starring Ryan Hansen, Kristen Bell, and most of the original cast. The ultra-meta web series centers around a fictionalized version Ryan Hansen who’s trying to get his own spinoff off the ground. Bell, Jason Dohring, Enrico Colantoni, Percy Daggs III, Francis Capra, Kyle Gallner, Chris Lowell, Ken Marino, and a handful of others will all be featured on the show, either as fictionalized versions of themselves, their original Veronica Mars characters, or both. That means we’ll likely get a taste of all the fun “behind-the-scenes” Marshmallow shenanigans we saw during the Veronica Mars movie Kickstarter campaign, as well as Hansen’s versions of the show’s beloved characters.

This 20-second teaser shows Hansen pitching Bell the series, and it does not disappoint: motorcycles, catchphrases, specialty cocktails, hot chicks, and of course, badassery. I mean, what else would a show about Dick Casablancas, P.I. be about? In the teensie weensie video, we see a whole lot of Hansen/Dick jumping around being a dummy, but also snippets of (ugh) Madison Sinclair (Amanda Noret), Hansen/Dick and Dohring/Echols (clad in his silly Navy hat) lounging in the sun, backflips and beer pong, and kung fu. Bell seems less than impressed.

But wait, there’s more! The Play It Again, Dick Facebook page has a plethora of images for your perusal. Take a peek at some of the webseries’ upcoming wild antics (including the aforementioned little sailor hat) in the gallery below:

Marshmallows, I’m trying not to let my excitement get the best of me. These are only short webisodes, right? Oh, who am I kidding? My excitement’s through the roof. Hopefully this webseries gets us one step closer to what we really want: a no holds barred, full series order (Netflix, anyone?) of a new, post-movie Veronica Mars. (I know Kristen Bell’s under contract, but a girl can dream, right?)

Are you looking forward to the Veronica Mars spinoff? What will the recast Duncan/Mercer be like? Where’s Tina Majorino!? Let us know in the comments below or chat with me about it on twitter @RachelHeine.

Play It Again Dick premieres Tuesday, September 15 on CW Seed.

[Image: kezira photography]


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  1. Mollie says:

    This showed up on my newsfeed while I was watching Party Down on Hulu. #POINTS! I’d like to end this by saying “great I needed more Dick in my life” but that just sounds wrong.
    Yay marshmellows!