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Meet Bilquis, the Goddess of Love, in New AMERICAN GODS Image

Can anybody find Bilquis somebody to love? Or—perhaps more appropriately—someone to worship her? Because the goddess of love is hungry for your praise and adoration in the newest image from Starz’s adaptation of the Neil Gaiman novel American Gods. The first image of actress Yetide Badaki (of Masters of Sex and Aquarius) as the goddess who survives on other people’s desire for her is here, and is, as one would expect from a Bryan Fuller anything, filled with moody lighting and scary-sexy vibes.

Click the image below to make it bigger if that’s what you need to do to worship properly:

American Gods Season 1 2017

Badaki’s gaze and the red room of pain-esque vibes exhibited in the above snapshot of Bilquis brought to life in her altar/bedroom are exactly what we envisioned when reading the novel. Bilquis is a member of the—and this is spoiler territory for anyone who hasn’t read the book—old god guard: someone whose powers have been sustained for thousands of years due to worshippers in her old country. But these old gods are coming under attack from the new, those born of America’s love of money and power and celebrity and media (and, yes, the internet).

Just last week, we got an image of Technical Boy via Entertainment Weekly, one of the new guard gods that’s hellbent on taking the reigns in the war for worshippers:

American Gods Technical Boy

Needless to say we’re very much looking forward to American Gods’ debut, and even MORE tickled to be able to interview the cast at Camp Conival on Friday morning, and to discuss all the nitty gritty details with Bryan Fuller on our Nerdist TV panel at SDCC on Thursday at 5:30pm in room 6A (where he’ll be joined by Doctor Who and Sherlock showrunner Steven Moffat).

Images: Starz/Entertainment Weekly

Alicia Lutes is the Managing Editor of Nerdist and creator/co-host of Fangirling. Find her on Twitter if you’re into that sorta thing!

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