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McFarlane Toys’ SPAWN Statue Gets Medieval on the Masses

Finally, a figure to put the “dark” back in the Dark Ages. McFarlane Toys‘ new Medieval Spawn statue is undeniably badass, and does the character justice and then some. The cold-cast resin statue just began preorder sales last week and will begin shipping in December, just in time for Christmas. If you’re interested in the figure, however, you may want to act fast as the statue is limited to 1,500 pieces worldwide. The Artist Proof version (an unpainted sculpt) was limited to just 50 pieces and has already sold out completely. However, McFarlane Toys’ is giving fans a chance to win one of the sold-out Medieval Spawn Statue Artist Proof. Enter today at, because the contest ends Tuesday, November 24, 2015.


This hand painted, stunningly detailed resin statue stands over 17 inches tall, showcasing Medieval Spawn in full glory after his triumph over The Violator.

Of the many impressive qualities that comprise the figure’s intricate sculpting, perhaps the most impressive are the etchings on Spawn’s armor. The armor is adorned with scenes of Spawn’s former battles, ripped directly from the pages of McFarlane’s fan-favorite comic book. There’s even a reference to the 1994 inaugural Spawn toy line (oof, I’m old) that launched the empire known as McFarlane Toys.

To add to the awesomeness, the statue even comes with a few interchangeable parts, which is incredible for a piece of this detail. Normally, the seams of removable parts would stand out on a statue, but the sculpt of Medieval Spawn strategically avoids this by using magnets to align and secure the swappable heads and hands into their proper place.

The figure features the following:

  • Limited edition, only 1,500 produced
  • Individually and sequentially numbered
  • Stands over 17 inches tall and comes with Helmeted Head and Sword.
  • Cold-cast, hand painted resin statue
  • Certificate of authenticity hand-signed by Todd McFarlane
  • Certificate of authenticity highly decoration Marquee Display
  • Alternate “Hamburger” Head
  • Alternate Battle Axe Hand

A Todd McFarlane hand-signed Certificate of Authenticity comes with each of the 1,500 figures, which retail for $295.00 each and ship for free within the continental 48 states, plus Canada.

Images: McFarlane Toys

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