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Mattel Reveals Even More Goodness at Collector’s Night (Toy Fair 2017)

UPDATE: Of course, the below was just the first day — at the Marvel Collectors’ night reveal, things really got cooking. If you’re digging Rebirth and the recent Bat-Family titles, then you’re going to love the latest additions to the DC Multiverse line. Duke Thomas! Jessica Cruz! Gordon’s mech Batman suit! Clayface!



And yeah, there was a little for Marvel fans too in the form of awesome Hot Wheels toys: a new line that takes classic comic book art of your favorite Marvel women and puts them on the side of rad vans. Yeah, I’m gonna need a life-sized version of the She-Hulk truck to drive around in, thanks.



And if the Wonder Woman movie dolls weren’t your speed, there were collector figures too, including our first look at a villain we haven’t seen in trailers yet…



Okay, it’s Ares. The fact that they’re showing him here indicates that WB doesn’t consider him too much of a secret, and he’ll probably show up on other merchandise before the movie opens.


PREVIOUSLY: Mattel and DC go together like Batman and Robin, so it was no surprise that the toy manufacturer had some pretty sweet DCEU merchandise to share with us at this year’s New York Toy Fair. But the most impressive one by far was this incredible smartphone app-controlled replica of Batman’s new Batmobile from Justice League.


It’ll cost you a steep $250 when it hits shelves this October, but it’s worth every buck considering how fiendishly high-tech and detailed this baby is. The engine spews exhaust out the back; the gun mounts (he’s fighting demons so it’s fine, okay?) and steering wheel turn along with the car) and there’s even a driver side camera that can record what goes on beyond the dashboard.


Prefer Wonder Woman to Batman? There were also plenty of gorgeous dolls inspired by Gal Gadot’s outfits in the new movie — and while they look similar to Barbie dolls, they’ve got much more sculpted muscles to match Gadot’s real-life physique.


For younger Wondy fans, the DC Super Hero Girls will also be expanding to include a sweet “invisible” jet, a large bus playset that opens up, and a couple new dolls and action figures.



Marvel fans weren’t left out either — at least, not the Hot Wheels collecting Marvel fans. Mattel’s line of character-inspired die-cast cars now boasts new vehicles for Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2, and I don’t care if you’ve never played with a Hot Wheels toy in your life: you NEED the Baby Groot one. I know I do. Look at how cute it is compared to the last movie’s bigger Groot truck!            IMG_2520

Speaking of motor vehicles and also Vin Diesel (bad segue, I know): have you ever been watching a film in the Fast and Furious series and thought, “Boy, Dominic Toretto is a super cool dude. I wish I had a tiny action figure of him that I could carry around in my pocket like a mystical totem of toughness?” It’s cool, Mattel knows. Their FF line was first released in January of this year, and they’re planning to continue releasing even more cars and figures from the franchise in future waves.


And, of course, there were plenty of licensed Mega Bloks sets to fawn over, featuring characters from Destiny, Call Of Duty, HALO, and the newly announced Pokémon set. Lemme tell ya, seeing these in person awakens so many feelings in my inner 10 year-old.



Check out the rest of what we saw at Mattel in the gallery below (WWE fans, get especially hype!). Nerdist will keep bringing you more Toy Fair 2017 news throughout the weekend–in the meantime, let us know in the comments which Mega Blok set you need to have in your collection ASAP!

Images: Victoria McNally, Mattel


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