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Mattel Announces SDCC BATMAN V SUPERMAN Toys

Every year, the joy of attendees and eBay auctioneers everywhere are the exclusive toys and figures that come out of Comic-Con International in San Diego. It’s become an industry all by itself, and the scarcity created by the words “Limited Edition” make everyone flock to specific booths in the hope of attaining their prized geekly possession. This year is no exception, and there’s already been quite a few exclusives announced from different companies and intellectual properties; now we add Mattel’s exclusive merch from Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice to that repertoire.

The pieces are a mix of figures and cars, clearly aimed at specific demographics. More on that in a moment. First, we have a special two-pack action figure set of Superman and Batman, using the likenesses of Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck respectively.

Mattel Batman v Superman Figures 2

These figures will be 6″ tall and look to be fully-poseable and come on a display stand and a couple of batarangs for the fun of it.

Next, we have a Hot Wheels version of the movie’s Batmobile, complete with extra-limited edition packaging that is, if I may say so, way larger than a Hot Wheels car needs.

Mattel Hot Wheels Batmobile 2

There will also be a full-size mock-up of a Batman v. Superman toy car that Hot Wheels will, er, wheel out in the spring. You can’t buy the big one, but at least you can look at it.

Mattel Hot Wheels Bat vs Super 3

And finally, we come to something that’s at once relieving and troubling. Perhaps learning from the mistakes Marvel has made regarding certain female superheros and their lack of toy representation (ahem Black Widow), one of the first Batman v. Superman toys to come out is a Wonder Woman based on Gal Gadot’s version of the character. That’s great, right? Well, the downside is, it’s a Barbie doll.

Mattel Wonder Woman

I really don’t know what to make of this. Yes, there’s a Wonder Woman toy, but does it have to be a Barbie? Haven’t we attempted to get away from the stereotype that girls can only/would only want to play with Barbies? Evidently, there will also be Batman and Superman dolls in the Barbie line next year, but there’s no word as to when/if a gritty, tough-looking Wonder Woman will be added to the Adult Collector action figure line. At any rate, the Bats/Supes set will be $30 at the con, the Hot Wheels car will be $25, and no price yet for the Wonder Woman Barbie.

There’s a full gallery of the toys below.

I want to hear what you think; is it a problem that Wonder Woman gets a Barbie doll out of the gate or is it a good thing that the toy people even thought to make one of her in the first place. Discuss below!

HT: USA Today, Comic Book Resources


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