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Matt Smith Will Star as Robert Mapplethorpe in New Biopic

Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe are the iconic avant-garde duo that helped define a generation of New York-based artists. And now, the legendary couple will be depicted by former Doctor Who star Matt Smith (!!!) and Girls‘ Zosia Mamet in a new biopic titled Mapplethorpe, directed by Ondi Timoner.

Some extreme wardrobe choices and edgy make-overs are to be expected for this usually polished pair of actors. Smith has already displayed some admirable dramatic acting skills outside of Doctor Who with 2010’s Womb and Pride and Prejudice and ZombiesMr. Collins. Speaking to Deadline, Timoner has this to say about her new cast: “I am ecstatic to have found Matt Smith and Zosia Mamet. They will bring indelible passion, raw humanity, and authenticity to this timeless, inspiring story.”

Smith and Mapplethorpe were two of the most creative forces of the century. They did everything and anything together, remaining close friends despite their creative differences. Although a documentary focusing on his photography, titled Mapplethorpe: A Look At The Pictures will premiere on HBO later this year, this biopic plans to present the more dramatic points of both Mapplethorpe and Smith’s personal lives.

Not familiar with their history? That’s okay. There’s a wonderful autobiography written by Patti Smith in 2010 called Just Kids, which recounts their fateful beginnings in New York City and Mapplethorpe’s tragic death from AIDS-related causes at the age of 42 in 1989. While you’re at it, also pick up Smith’s passionate follow-up book, released last year, M Train.

Robert Mapplethorpe famously said, “Happiness? No, it’s not there for me.” But for us, we hope this biopic will help us celebrate his illustrious career and life.

How do you feel about this casting? Let us know below!

HT: Deadline

Image Credit: BBC

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