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MASTERS OF SEX Season 2 Episode 2 Recap: Mommy Issues

Hi, again! Here’s a quick recap of Masters of Sex season two, episode two, entitled “Kyrie Eleison.”

In a Nutshell: Butt stuff, throat stuff and Mom stuff!

#1. Butt Stuff: Bill’s new money-grubbing boss, Dr. Greathouse, encourages Bill to refocus his sex study on other “points of entry.” After reciting a bit of creepy backdoor poetry and a lusty look at Bill’s new secretary, Barbara, we get it. Oh wait, there’s more. “When there’s a bird in the hand, why bother with the bush.” Okaaay.

Not that I have anything against butt stuff, but this guy is also pushing Bill to sterilize the daughter of some wealthy donors against medical wisdom. Season 2 villain for the win!

#2. Throat Stuff: Starting her research job with Dr. Esophagus, Giny brings in Ulysses, the large, lucite scientific phallus at his request.

Dr. Esophagus, why are you sweating so much? Dr. Esophagus, why are you panting so much? Dr. Esophagus, why are you caressing that dildo so much? Dizzy faced, he questions Giny inappropriately. Once he finds a correlation between vaginal, esophageal and possibly even anal lubrication, his heaving peaks into a full bodied, shuddering orgasm.

Poor Virginia. She is super broke and out of a job.

#3. Mom Stuff: This episode is all about Moms! First, we find out Bill’s wife, Libby, lost her mother when she was 8, just like her new nanny, Coral. Libby moves to bully Coral about her African-American roots after Coral makes Libby look incapable of motherhood in front of Bill. Be nice, Libby!

We learn Giny’s mother had big dreams for her, while Giny’s other boss, Dr. DePaul, was deeply neglected. As Giny fires up to fight DePaul’s spreading cancer, I see a co-dependent mother-daughter relationship emerging between the two workmates.

Betty DiMello Moretti, ex-sex-worker, overhears all about Rose, the promiscuous girl at risk for sterilization. Not trusting Bill to set her straight on all the self-hate, we learn BETTY BLINDED HER MOTHER WITH A HIGH HEEL! Whoa. Her slut-shaming mother parallels young Rose’s situation, but luckily Bill sets the kid straight with hope for the future and birth control.

#4. Secretly-Gay Scully: Poor Barton Scully is MIA. Giny needs him to unlock the sex study’s files in the hospital basement. Bill becomes more alarmed that he’s nowhere to be found.

Eventually, he seeks out Vivian Scully, his daughter, whose broken arm speaks of darker things than a tennis injury. Vivian tells him of his suicide attempt, believing it must have been an accident and that now he’s away, sending letters postmarked from Europe. But seriously, where is he really?

#5. Giny Gets Called Out By Vivian: Giny jumps at the chance of seeing Daughter Scully walking down the hospital corridor. Niceties aside about her broken arm, Vivian turns on her. She’s all like, “Lady, you stole my man, then you dumped my man. Don’t play me.” Calling her out for doing anything to get what she wants, Giny defends herself, but in the next few scenes, it seems it has solidified Giny’s place at the old hospital instead of fighting tooth-and-nail for a position with Bill at the new one.

#6. Bonus round: Oh yeah, and skeevy, charming Dr. Langham? His wife left him for sleeping with his sister-in-law. His answer is to throw an sexy office party and as he puts it, speed into this hydroplane instead of slamming on his brakes. Sounds like he’s a train wreck.

What’d you think of this week’s episode? Let us know in the comments below.

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