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Massive Magneto Figure Will Be the X-Factor in Your Collection

You don’t need a magnetic personality to dominate the room, but it helps. That said, Sideshow‘s latest Magneto maquette, made in mixed-media (resin, with a cloth cape) would be an eye-catcher even if the mean mutant and X-Men arch-enemy depicted had a lesser power than dipole domination. The ability to grow beards in awkward places, let’s say.

But then again, without the mastery of metals, that Sentinel head he stands atop wouldn’t have the same swirly flourishes that only a homicidal artist can provide. For contrast, you can pose him next to Sideshow’s Wolverine premium format figure. They’re in scale, and a study in sartorial style separation.

Crazy lighting effects are not included, obvs. But you can pose Magneto’s cape in different billowing configurations. There’s no way I’ll do it as well as the person who poses the statues for Sideshow product photos, but maybe you can.

Order the exclusive edition from Sideshow and you can get an alternate head, showing just what a silver fox Magneto really is under that hefty helm.

Look, if you’re going to have the iron sucked out of your blood by a mutant-supremacist, it might as well be one who looks good and is in shape. It’s better bragging rights than saying the Blob sat on you, or something like that. And Mags is cut–or maybe it’s just the costume that showcases his glutes.

The maquette stands over two feet tall, and costs $750 to preorder. But he doesn’t actually ship until a year from now, and Sideshow offers payment plans. Just hide the magnetic strip on your credit cards from this guy. He can weaponize it.

Check out a few more images below, then leave a comment telling us where you’d display this bad boy!

Images: Sideshow



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