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Marvel Celebrates Valentine’s Day with Some Very Special Messages

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Marvel is getting in on the action with Valentines resembling the kind children give their classmates on the holiday. They’re so charming and amusing that we can almost forget almost every long term Marvel romance has ended badly. Almost.

That’s an old school Iron Man from Tony Stark’s swinging ’70s and his darker days in the ’80s. We may be his heart, but his heart is replaceable.

This is going to have to be one of those holding hands only relationships. Kissing is out when Ghost Rider‘s your BAE.

Oh sure, he says that now. But the next thing you know, you’ll be the single parent of a Baby Groot.

In Marvel’s comic book universe, Scarlet Witch recognized the humanity in Vision‘s soul and loved him even though he was an android.

Not to be left out, Marvel Studios released a few of its own Valentine’s Day messages inspired by Thor: Ragnarok.

He’s not over his ex, but we get it. We miss Jane Foster, too.

We think Valkyrie is still pinning for one of her fellow warriors.

Fake Valentine! As if Loki could love anyone other than himself. Still, that offer for mischief would definitely have some takers.

If Heimdall says it, you can believe it. The man sees everything! Also, Idris Elba could totally carry a Heimdall movie or TV series if Marvel ever gave him the chance. Just look into those eyes and try to tell us he’s not franchise material.

Deadpool got in on the action, too.

What do you think about Marvel’s Valentine’s Day messages? Share your hearts below.

Images: Marvel

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