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Marvel Teases the Return of CIVIL WAR to Comics in 2015

Reboots are the hip thing these days in Hollywood, but this is getting ridiculous! Marvel Comics made waves at this weekend’s New York Comic Con when they announced that three decades after it first debuted, Secret Wars will be returning in 2015. Earlier today, they sent fans into a fury of speculation once more by teasing the return of 2006’s Civil War with a single, solitary image.

The image, illustrated by Adi Granov, shows Iron Man and Captain America playing tug-o-war with Spider-Man (in his Iron Spider armor) cosplaying as the rope. In stark text against a white background, it simply reads “Civil War” and “Summer 2015”.  What does it all mean?! I’ve tried pouring lemon juice on the back of my computer to no avail. Take a look at the image and see for yourself.


Is this the actual return of Civil War to the Marvel Universe? A true Civil War II? It’s hard to say because the characters presented are wearing their 2006-era costumes, but the e-mail subject line did read “CIVIL WAR #1 – Summer 2015”. At NYCC this past weekend, Marvel President of Publishing Dan Buckley revealed that “every story in every book is leading to Secret Wars.  Perhaps this means we’ll see a similar series of teasers for past events like House of M #1 or Secret Invasion #1 building towards the Secret Wars event in which our heroes travel across time and space to try and prevent them from having come to pass. Or maybe Marvel figured that Earth-616 was getting too buddy-buddy as of late and wants to tear the superhero community asunder once more.

What do you make 0f this? Let us know in the comments below or tell me on Twitter.

Images: Marvel

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  1. Hoss says:

    So does that mean Steve Rogers is Cap again?  And Thor isn’t a woman? And Spidey is Peter Parker?

    Cause if that’s the case, I’ll gladly go through the Civil War BS again.

  2. J says: