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Marvel Studios Narrows Down Actors For JESSICA JONES & LUKE CAGE Netflix Series

It looks like Marvel Studios is narrowing down their search for a lead in a series based on their character Jessica Jones. The show is Netflix-bound, and will be run by former Dexter producer Melissa Rosenberg. According to Deadline, Marvel has tested four actresses for the role: Krysten Ritter, (Breaking BadAlexandra Daddario, (True Detective) Teresa Palmer, (Warm Bodies) and Jessica De Gouw (Arrow.) This will be the second Marvel Studios series to debut on Netflix, following Daredevil, and it’s based on Brian Michael Bendis’ highly acclaimed comic series from the early 2000’s, Alias (the show won’t be called Alias for obvious reasons, as someone kind of beat them to the name several years back). Both the comic and the upcoming show center around Jessica Jones, a former superhero who goes by the code name “Jewel” and is now suffering post-traumatic stress disorder. This leads her to give up her costumed identity and start her own detective agency, where she ends up helping ordinary people, as well as other superheroes.

One of those other superheroes is Luke Cage, one of Marvel’s earliest African-American heroes, who is also set to get his own series from Netflix following Jessica Jones. First though, he is set to appear in six to seven episodes of Jessica Jones before appearing in his own series, so the casting search for Luke Cage is already on; it appears Marvel Studios is looking at two actors in particular for the role: Lance Gross (Crisis) and Mike Colter (American Horror Story: Coven) Considering the fate these two characters share in the comics (SPOILERS: they get married) I’m sure Marvel will want to make certain whomever they cast as Jessica and Luke have great onscreen chemistry together.

HT [Deadline]

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  1. donovan says:

    Since the woman in the picture above already looks like her, I pick Alexandra Daddario!

  2. Leo says:

    I vote for Alexandra Daddario and Mike Colter.

  3. Jims says:

    I feel like, in general, they can’t really go wrong with any of these.  

  4. Django says:

    Alexandra Daddario!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!