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Marvel Releases New Art From DEAD NO MORE & CIVIL WAR II

This May, Marvel is once again doubling up on its Free Comic Book Day offerings with FCBD Civil War II #1 and FCBD Captain America #1, which will kick off four upcoming events within the Marvel Universe. Now, Marvel has offered a glimpse of the interior artwork from its FCBD lineup.

FCBD Captain America #1 features the first solo story of Steve Rogers back in action as Cap, with a story by Nick Spencer and artist Jesus Saiz. The newly released artwork offers a good look at the updated Captain America costume, which is sadly missing the classic wings on his mask. This comes on the heels of a sneak peek from artist Paul Renaud.

FCBD Captain America

“Dead No More” is the backup story in FCBD Captain America # 1, which will be written by Spider-Man scribe Dan Slott and drawn by Javier Garron (Star-Lord). It’s widely rumored that the formerly dead character in “Dead No More” will turn out to be Doctor Octopus, Spider-Man’s archenemy who literally stole Peter Parker’s life when he became the Superior Spider-Man. More recently, Doc Ock’s mind resurfaced in the body of a robot at Parker Industries. The preview artwork by Garron doesn’t confirm the Doc Ock theories, but it’s a stunning rendition of Spider-Man’s updated outfit.

Spider-Man Dead No More

FCBD Civil War II # 1 by Brian Michael Bendis and Jim Cheung will be a prelude to the larger Civil War II storyline. Given the prominence of War Machine and Black Panther in this new page by Cheung, they may have a large role in the story alongside Iron Man and Captain Marvel.

FCBD Civil War II

Finally, the backup story for FCBD Civil War II #1, by writer Mark Waid and artist Alan Davis, will feature the debut of the All-New Wasp. While it was initially rumored that the new Wasp would be a version of Hope van Dyne from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Waid’s recent interview suggested that the new Wasp will be a teenage girl with a connection to Hank Pym…but not necessarily tied to the original Wasp, Janet van Dyne.

FCBD All New Wasp

Both of Marvel’s Free Comic Book Day titles will be released on Saturday, May 7 at comic shops everywhere.

What did you think about the previews of Marvel’s FCBD titles? Let us know in the comment section below!


Image Credit: Marvel Comics

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