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Marvel Releases Details on GENERATION X Revival

Marvel Releases Details on GENERATION X Revival

Happy Wednesday/new comics day, all you comics fans out there. In today’s edition of Comics Relief, more X-Men ResurrXion news continues to come from fast and furiously from Marvel, this time all about the junior mutants of Generation X. Read on for all the details!

Marvel Reveals creative team for the new Generation X

This week, we’ve had the reveals of the new X-Men: Blue and X-Men: Gold team membership, as well as the first details on the ongoing Iceman series, all part of Marvel’s big ResurrXion of their mutant line. Now comes the first details on the rebooted Generation X, which, much like the previous series of that names (as well as The New Mutants) will focus on the younger generation of students.

The new Gen X is being written by Christina Strain with art by Amilcar Pinna (All-New Ultimates), and will focus on a new band of misfit mutants that don’t really fit in anywhere else, who will be studying at the newly reopened Xavier Institute (which is not in Westchester NY this time, but in Central Park). Generation X will be dividing the student body into three classes: The Next Generation of X-Men, the Next Generation of Ambassadors, and the Next Generation of so-called “lovable losers.”

The new kids will be under the guidance of original Gen X-er Jubilee, and among the students will be mutant bad boy Quentin Quire, Eye-Boy, Benjamin Deeds, Nature Girl, Bling!, and a new psychometric mutant named Nathaniel Carver. Generation X #1 hits in April of 2017. You can see the first artwork for the series above. [CBR]

Jamie McKelvie shows off redesigns for the X-Men: Blue team

Speaking of all things X-Men, also as part of the the ResurrXion relaunch, the O5 X-Men are getting a costume upgrade now that they’re part of the X-Men: Blue team. The new costume designs are coming from artist  Jamie McKelvie, and you can see the concept art for all five of them above. The new book will be written by Cullen Bunn with art by Jorge Molina, and stars the original five time-displaced X-Men, now led by Jean Grey instead of Cyclops, and with Magneto serving in the Professor X/mentor role. [Comic Book]

Watchmen/DC Rebirth connection will happen in early 2017

Ever since the beginning of DC Rebirth earlier this year, which suggested that Watchmen’s Dr. Manhattan was responsible for creating the fracture in the timeline that resulted in the New 52, fans have been wondering when more secrets of the Watchmen/Rebirth connection would be revealed. Well, in the latest Direct Currents from DC, EIC Dan Didio said we won’t have to wait much longer.

“Everyone at DC knows how interested readers are in the seeds planted in DC Universe: Rebirth #1,” DiDio says. “Your patience will be rewarded in 2017. You’ll start to see some of the great mysteries of Rebirth addressed very soon. There’s the mystery of the Atom: what happened to Ray Palmer? Ryan Choi’s journey to find out what became of his mentor will appear front and center in Justice League of America. There was also that mysterious little button found in the Batcave. Batman and Flash will be joining forces to forensically find out what it is and, more importantly, where it came from. And Mr. Oz: what exactly is his deal? Is he gathering heroes? If so, why? Mr. Oz will be coming to the forefront in the first half of the year, as well.”

My money is still on Mr. Oz being Ozymandias from Watchmen. Anyone else have any other theories? [CBR]

Titan Comics to reprint The Forever War adaptation

Author Joe Haldeman’s sci-fi novel The Forever War was first published in 1974, and was an early example of social commentary blended with high concept science-fiction. Now UK publisher Titan Comics are reprinting and serializing the 1988 comics adaptation, which was written by Haldeman himself, with art by illustrator Mavarno.

The Forever War is about Earth’s centuries- long war with a race of aliens called Taurans, and was told from the perspective of a human soldier who survives through the entire conflict. Haldeman was a Vietnam veteran, and based the the war itself on his own experiences. The book was originally adapted to comics in 1988, and now Titan’s reprint of the series serializes the original volumes and come packed with bonus materials, including concept designs and several brand-new covers for each issue. You can see one of the new covers above. [Comics Alliance]

Sons of Anarchy’s Kurt Sutter reveals new comic title

Kurt Sutter, creator of the FX TV hit Sons of Anarchy, is returning to the world of comics. He will soon be teaming up with BOOM! Studios for Sisters of Sorrow, his third comic book series. No artist has yet been announced. Sutter recently released a supernatural fantasy comic series Lucas Stand, and also created a comic series of his FX show, Sons of Anarchy.

Sisters of Sorrow will tell the story of four women, all of whom have been victims of violent crimes in the past. The four women “will take on their perpetrators while dressed as nuns armed with bulletproof black leather and white habits, not to mention the state-of-the-art weaponry.” Sutter said in a statement “Yep, nuns with guns, baby. I’ve been wanting to create a mythology around kick ass female characters — and in this current sociopolitical climate, it seems more important than ever.” The series is expected to debut for Comic-Con 2017. [Deadline]

2000 A.D.’s Journal of Luke Kirby gets reprinted after 20 years

Before Harry Potter and even The Books of Magic’s Tim Hunter, there was another British boy wizard, only this one you probably haven’t heard of in you live in the U.S. The kid with the magic this time is the star of star of The Journal of Luke Kirby, a comic strip that ran in the pages of British anthology comic  2000 AD from 1988 to 1995. Although the strip ran for seven years, the story has never been reprinted.

Until now that is, because next year a new paperback release of the complete story by writer Alan McKenzie and artist John Ridgway is on its way, and The Journal of Luke Kirby will be reprinted in its entirety  in May of 2017. The collection will include all the Luke Kirby stories from 2000 AD, including Summer Magic (1988), The Night Walker (1992), Sympathy for the Devil (1993-4), Old Straight Track (1995), and The Price (1995). For more info on Luke Kirby, click on the following link: [Comics Alliance]

Steven Universe returns in new ongoing comic

Publisher Boom Studios has announced a new ongoing comic based on super beloved Cartoon Network show Steven Universe, coming from writer Melanie Gillman and artist Katy Farina. This latest ongoing title will be the third Steven Universe series from Boom.

The original Steven Universe title started off early in the show’s TV run and ran only for eight issues. That comic was then followed up by Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems, a four-issue which ran earlier this year. And there were also several specials and one shots for the character here and there. You can see the five of the variant covers for issue #1 of the new series in our gallery below. The book hits on February 1, 2017. [Den of Geek]

Images: Marvel Comics / DC Comics / BOOM! Studios / 2000 A.D. / Titan Comics


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